Trendsetting Tuesday: Fever Dream


November 2013

Things are starting to warm up and it’s not just the sunny weather we’ve been having mid December in Southern California, you might even say I have a fever…Fever Dream to be exact!

This SPECIAL EDITION: TRENDSETTING TUESDAY is all about my recent interview with Lauren Fortner, creator of the rockin’ badass line Fever Dream.

So what exactly is Fever Dream?

“Fever Dream is a fun, edgy line created for those who want to stand out from the crowd as a badass without breaking the bank.” – L

Sound great to us! This punk rock look is edgy and dark and a little provocative. Do you have to be punk to wear this collection?

“Not at all! There are plenty of options on the site that are more “girly” plus, skulls and spikes are super trendy right now for everyone. I have rock n roll roots, so that’s the stuff I’m most passionate about on the site, but there is something for everyone on there. -L”

There really is something for everyone. With a wide selection of jewelry such as rings, statement necklaces, earrings, clothing such as tops, dresses and pants and accessories, I already have a full shopping cart! So what made you start Fever Dream?

“I started Fever Dream because as a lover of all things twisted and different, I always had a hard time finding fun, edgy, unique accessories and clothing that fit my style. When I did find these pieces they were either extremely overpriced or were one time wear fall apart pieces that everyone else already had. So I began to scourer my resources to find these signature pieces that were good quality but didn’t require selling my closet to afford. And now, I brought all these items to one spot for everyone to enjoy.”

Inspiration is always the fuel to getting things started. So what exactly inspired Lauren to begin her line?

“Music is my biggest inspiration in life for everything I do. When I’m making jewelry or deciding on aesthetics for the site, I’m always listening to music, and that ends up heavily dictating which direction things go .The way sound evokes emotion and transports you back to a specific time place or smell I find fascinating and always have.”

I took a look at and chose my top 4 clothing items! Feeling naughty and nice? I die for the risque Square Dress, perfect for a night out on the town. Next is the stylish Gold Jacket which can be worn year round to stand out from the crowd. You gotta love the Baby Doll Dress in cream, super girly and fun and only $39. It also comes in black! Again my obsession with gold is fulfilled with the Metallic Top. Perfect for holiday parties and New Years, pair it with a black mini and BAM!


Clearly this is a site to check out! Right now they have a 40% off sale! HURRY BEFORE IT’S OVER! Use Promo Code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS

Come back next Tuesday for more on Lauren’s personal playlist, the next steps for FEVER DREAM and her favorite items! Make sure to visit the sites below for updated info, promos and new items!


Instagram: @shopfeverdream



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