Special Edition Trendsetting Tuesday: Fever Dream Part 2



We’re back with part deux of our Special Edition: Trendsetting Tuesday Interview Special with Lauren Fortner of Fever Dream. Last week we talked about the new brand, some of my favorite pieces and the inspiration for starting Fever Dream. Check out the first part HERE!

Now that we’ve had a better look into Fever Dream I asked Lauren why this specific name?

“Before deciding on a name I picked out photos and images that I thought embodied the vibe I wanted the site to give off. After looking through all the images I picked, I noticed a theme which was flames, darkness, and blurry distortion. From there I just started listing out words to go with the images, and then landed on Fever Dream. This to me felt like the perfect embodiment.”

It sounds like you have a great overall knowledge of what you truly love! So of course every designer and fashionista must have her favorite pieces when choosing a collection. What are some of your must have items?

“Hmmmm right now one of my favorites is the shoulder chain and the body chain. (Both under$25)You can wear it with any boring outfit and it automatically gives it a fun edge. Also, I love our Fuck Off necklace….it’s fun to wear out at night because it’s definitely a conversation starter haha!”

So who’s style does Lauren love? Clearly, “Any badass outspoken rocker chick that isn’t afraid to take risks and do things that are controversial.” Sounds good to me!

What’s in store for the future of Fever Dream? What more do you want to sell and have on the site?

“Now that all the hassle of getting the site up and running has smoothed over, I want to focus on making more one of a kind pieces. I also want to incorporate more unisex items so boys can join the Fever Dream party.”

And who doesn’t love a party!? Well I know I’m excited for what’s to come, but speaking of parties, for someone as badass and awesome as Lauren I must know what has to be on her playlist! She gave us the following:

  1. Phantogram- Black out Days
  2. Husky- dark Sea
  3. Active Child-Johnny Belinda
  4. Policia- Chain my Name
  5. Night Terrors of 1927- Fall into you
  6. Alice in Chains- Down in a Hole
  7. Nine Inch Nails- Leaving Hope


As an avid lover of statement necklaces I couldn’t help but love the three below. Shop the Royal Gem Necklace and pair it with a LDB, or be like Lauren above and wear the Gem Collar to dazzle up any old dress to give it new life. If you’re feeling daring and need to make a real statement, the Steam Punk Set might be for you! There’s plenty more jewelry and awesome spike rings that you must check out as well as beanies, tops and leggings!

Head over to ShopFeverDream.com for more goodies to add to your wardrobe this upcoming year. Make sure to follow Fever Dream on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for special promos all year round!

Many thanks to Lauren and I wish her all the best as she and her company move forward in the New Year!

Website: www.shopfeverdream.com

Instagram: @shopfeverdream


Facebook: Facebook.com/shopfeverdream

xoxo lizcal


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