Trendsetting Tuesday: Fever Dream


November 2013

Things are starting to warm up and it’s not just the sunny weather we’ve been having mid December in Southern California, you might even say I have a fever…Fever Dream to be exact!

This SPECIAL EDITION: TRENDSETTING TUESDAY is all about my recent interview with Lauren Fortner, creator of the rockin’ badass line Fever Dream.

So what exactly is Fever Dream?

“Fever Dream is a fun, edgy line created for those who want to stand out from the crowd as a badass without breaking the bank.” – L

Sound great to us! This punk rock look is edgy and dark and a little provocative. Do you have to be punk to wear this collection?

“Not at all! There are plenty of options on the site that are more “girly” plus, skulls and spikes are super trendy right now for everyone. I have rock n roll roots, so that’s the stuff I’m most passionate about on the site, but there is something for everyone on there. -L”

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