‘The Nice Guys’ Review: Why It’s a Hoot


Set in the ‘70s in Los Angeles, The Nice Guys stars Ryan Gosling as private eye Holland March and Russell Crowe as enforcer Jackson Healy, a mismatched duo who must work together to search for a missing girl and the unrelated death of a porn star. 

The dramedy is written and directed Shane Black and I had the chance to watch it before it was released in theaters. The film will be released this Friday, May 20 and if you’re indecisive about going to watch, let me tell you what I liked and didn’t like about it.

The Nice Guys might have some mixed reviews, and I can see why. Overall it’s quite an adventure with comedic, witty remarks make by Gosling and Angourie Rice, who plays his sassy daughter Holly.

Here are a couple of my thoughts on the movie:

– It’s funny: Yeah, you’ll keep laughing at Ryan’s stupidness but it goes well with the script. There’s a dream sequence that’s a little looney and a kid on a bike who says the most outrageous things, and that’s all I’ll say.

– The storyline is different than I expected: They’re looking for a girl who’s missing but aside from that Gosling’s character has a tragic past who keeps creeping up throughout the film. It’s not bad, just not what I imagined.

– The wardrobe is snazzy: There’s a particular scene where they go to a flashy Hollywood party in Bel Air and everyone is dressed to a T in flawless ’70s getup. My only “random scene” with wardrobe is when Holland buys a new maroon suit, yet never ends up wearing it. I had expected to see it during the final scenes.

Maybe don’t go watch it with your family: Nudity, violence, foul language.. yadi yadi ya, cover your eyes in the beginning.

Additional details: Matt Bomer is a weird, creepy guy. Kim Basinger isn’t who she says she is and neither is Yaya DaCosta. Amelia Kuttner (Margaret Qualley) really does have a nice yellow dress and Holly is the true star of the film!

Date night movie for sure!

Watch the trailer below:

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