That One Time ‘On Camera’ #TBT

#TBT To my first “on-camera” interview for Celebuzz back in 2012 at the Independent Spirit Awards. I wasn’t seen on the camera but it was my first time having a videographer instead of using a recorder and transcribing the interviews later.

I remember that day, the night before, heck that week! Getting the assignment was a big moment for me. Used to only covering Disney and Nickelodeon events, which I thoroughly enjoyed, this was monumental for a junior reporter. I constantly looked at my notes, asked question to the other editorial team members, and was so excited and freaked out that I didn’t know how to enjoy my night out before the big day.

But I did it, it was exhilarating and nerve wrecking at the same time. Above is a snippet from one of the interviews I did with The Descendants‘ star Amara Miller. It makes me laugh and I critique myself nonstop, but it was a moment in my life for which I am extremely thankful for.

To see the full article and more videos of me interviewing some more attendees of the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards click here!

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