Exclusive Tour of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter With Production Designer Alan Gilmore [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 9.39.49 PM.png

Before The Wizarding World of Hary Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood opened to the public, I had the honor of going on a private tour of the magical castle and J.K. Rowling imagined land with “Harry Potter” production designer Alan Gilmore. Thanks to Variety, I got to speak with the art director, that was in charge of “Prisoner of Azkaban” and “Goblet of Fire,” about the newest park attraction. And the experience was unforgettable!

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Music Monday: The Maine – “Miles Away”

Happy Monday music lovers!

Tonight’s “Music Monday” selection comes from The Maine and their new single “Miles Away” that was released last week.

The fun, up-beat jam has a killer chorus that makes you bob your head up and down and throw your arms up in the air. All throughout I catch myself tapping my foot and thanks to the lyric video above I can sing along.

“I didn’t ever want to come down, from that West Coast rush and summer high, and easy, peaceful sense of time, (I feel so alive).”

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Flashback Friday: ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’ – Lady Gaga

Bang, bang. We’re beautiful and dirty rich!

Gahhh, I miss this Lady Gaga! The one that I would have loved to party with, have a dance-off and with whom I’d love to run the town.

Not saying I wouldn’t do it now but come on, she was like the coolest chick in town when she told me, “Just dance. Gonna be okay. Da-doo-doo-doo.”

To lighten up your spirits (and mine), in this gloomy LA day, or wherever you may be at, let’s Flashback Friday to “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich” by Mama Monster herself and relive those moments we danced in front of our mirror, with our chicas and jumped on the bed saying,

“Daddy I’m so sorry, I’m so s-s-sorry yeah. We just like to party, like to p-p-party yeah!”

Umm, was that just me? Eh, either way…

Happy Friday!

xoxo Liz Cal

Throwing It Back: “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – Backstreet Boys

For today’s Throwback Thursday we’re taking it back to 1997 with the Backstreet Boys and their greatest hit, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).”

It also gets us in the spirit of Halloween being that this fun-filled, crazy, dancing vid has a slew of devious creatures that will get us ready for the holiday. We see A.J. like the Phantom of the Opera, Nick like a mummy, Kevin like Dr. Jekyll & Hyde, Brian as a werewolf and Howie as a vampire. This song is my favorite BSB jam and it will always get the party started.

Watch the video and relive their awesomeness!

Happy Halloween

Music Video Monday: Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”

Today for Music Monday we’ll take it back, but not too far back to Fall Out Boy’s music video for “Centuries.”

I had this in my drafts and finally decided that I should publish it, call it laziness or just because I had to take a break from typing all day and this is what was easiest and I’m currently typing my recap of “The Originals.” Haha anyway…

It’s funny how FOB went through a stage where they were super cool, then it was nerdy to like them and then they went away and when they got back together they were the “IT” thing. I mean I always liked them, I wasn’t like a die-hard fan but I enjoyed their tunes.

So take a moment and listen to this song on your Monday night and tell me if you like or dislike.

#TBT: “Jaded” by Aerosmith

Jaaaade, ja ja jaaaaded!

I’m dedicating another Throwback Thursday to Aerosmith’s “Jaded.”

Why not, right?

Since this song came out in 2001 I 143, la la la loved it! Then while I was driving back home from work added a couple songs to my “Rockin’ Tunes” playlist on Spotify and decided that this should be a part of it. So I came home, watched the music video and now am writing about it.

Did you know Mila Kunis is in the video? Maybe you did.

Anyway Steven Tyler is oh-so-cool. Watch the video and let me know if you love it as much as I do.

xoxo Liz Cal


Music Monday: ‘Animals’ by Maroon 5


That is all I can say about the new music video for “Animals” from Maroon 5.

The sizzling vid takes us to a whole other level that honestly we were not expecting but we kinda dig…no? maybe? OK fine, maybe too far.

Anyways, the song is a HIT and I can’t get it out of my head. It’s on constant repeat and overall I have to say that Maroon 5’s latest album, “V,” is pretty awesome.

ALSO SEE: MUSIC MONDAY –  Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora “Black Widow”

It already reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts and “Maps” and “Animals” are heating up the airwaves. But let’s get back to the video.

Behati Prinsloo, wife of Adam Levine, stars as the innocent prey of stalkerish Levine. He is UB-sessed, does the usual following, picture taking, admiring, imagines being with her and then things get super freaky!

ALSO SEE: MUSIC MONDAY – ‘Lost Stars’ – Adam Levine/Keira Knightley from ‘Begin Again’

Blood, sex, sweat and tears are the theme here and the lyrics don’t “lie, lie, lie, lie…you can’t deny, ny, ny, ny.”

Watch for yourself and tell me what ya think!

xoxo Liz Cal.

Music Monday: Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora “Black Widow”

Welcome to a start of a new week!

While things have been up and down on this site, I suffered from tendonitis and mild carpel tunnel but am feeling much better.

Anywayyy…Let’s get things up and running this fine Monday, August 18th with some jams!

My selection for Music Monday will have to be the new video by Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora, “Black Widow.”

While I have battled with my like and dislike with the rapper, I have to say that I do enjoy this song.

What can I say, the heart likes what the heart likes.

This “Kill Bill” inspired vid is pretty slamin’ with the duo seeking revenge upon an ex-“thirty” lover. Kicking ass and taking names we see the singers dip into some martial arts and even get a guest appearance by T.I.

Let me know what you think of the song and video.

Happy Monday

xoxo L.C. ❤

Music Monday: “Snap Out Of It” – Arctic Monkeys

Happy Monday lovely peeps!

Snap out of the weekend mode and jump start the week with this jamming’ jam from the Arctic Monkeys, “Snap Out Of It.”

Not going to lie, I have no idea what is happening in the video and it left me somewhat confused at the end, but that doesn’t really matter because I enjoy the song.

My current obsessions in the music world still include the Arctic Monkeys, followed by the soundtrack of “Begin Again” and I would have to say that I can’t get enough of Enrique Iglesias “Bailando.”

I must admit that I do need some new music suggestions, so hit me up and let me know what’s new, hoppin’ and poppin’ yeah!

Remember: Start off the week with a 🙂

‘Lost Stars’ – Adam Levine/Keira Knightley from ‘Begin Again’

“Who are we? Just a speck of dusk within the galaxy.”

“Maybe we’ll find a brand new ending.”

These are the lyrics that stand out the most within this great song by Adam Levine that can be heard in the amazing movie, “Begin Again.”

Sung by Keira Knightly in one version and Adam Levine in another, this is one hit that I cannot get out of my head and out of repeat mode.

Both versions are exquisite. Adam’s version has a more rock vibe and I love the way one of the lines is sung twice whereas Keira’s version is softer, delicate and more fragile. Her’s is honest and noble, whereas Adam’s has a bit more of an edge and the melody is catchy.

“Please don’t see, I’m just a girl caught up in dreams and fantasies.”

“Please see me, reaching out for someone I can’t see.”

In her version, the beginning phrases catch my attention. What is she feeling, what does she want to tell me? I listen to her more and want to know if she is broken or scared. Maybe we’re all lost stars, trying to light up the dark.

Perfectly written and perfectly complicated.

Let me know what version you prefer and why?

xoxo LC