The Vampire Diaries Recap: Fifty Shades of Grayson Season Finale

The Vampire Diaries is starting up again on January 25th and what better way to get ready for the newest episode of the year than to recap the mid-season finale “Fifty Shades of Grayson”.

After being kidnapped by Dr. Maxfield, Elena and Damon are now finding out more about each other and it seems that they have a couple of things to figure out. Could it also be that Katherine and Stefan may be on a new path that could possibly mean love? Let’s get things started!

Now that Elena has been taken in to get examined and treated by Dr, Maxfield she finds out that Damon’s old friend who he had thought was left for dead is very much alive. Damon tries to buy his time while imprisoned and things between Stefan and Katherine were steeeaaammmyyy!

Katherine wakes up next to Stefan but as she tries to get all snuggley again she sees her hair fall off. She leaves the house but Damon walks in to ask for Elena but of course Katherine tells him of her hook up with Stefan. Elena is now being experimented on and is delusional in the hands of Dr. M. Put into a deep sleep we wonder what is to come of her. She tells him that he is a monster and how does he justify hurting someone, his response, he learned it all from her father.

So now as Damon and Stefan try and look for Elena they go to the one person who would be able to help them, none other than Aaron. So they try and get the info out of him but he has no clue. He calls Wes and tells him that he could be dead if he doesn’t tell him where Elena is. He tells Aaron to meet him in his classroom to know that he is safe, but not without first giving Enzo, Damon’s old cell “friend”, some blood to go reunite with him.

Strange things happen when Matt is helping Katherine work out to get her “hot” again. Now that’s weird. Then Nadia, Katherine’s daughter, shows up and slaps momma dearest for leaving her a suicide note. The two get together and Nadia informs her that she might have a plan to keep her alive longer. So it seems that Katherine has feelings, not for Nadia as she thought but for Stefan. Nadia leaves her and tells her to go kill herself since she’s so selfish.

Stefan and Damon catch up about who Aaron is and what things happened to Damon while he was under inspection as a test subject. Back with Elena she tries to remember parts of her childhood where now things might have looked suspicious. She remembers being down there in the basement when she was younger and asked Dr. Maxfield where he met her father. As the chit chat continues she asks about Enzo and realizes that he has been left loose to go hunt down Damon. While Aaron, Damon and Stefan go to Dr. Maxfield’s calssroom they find Lorenzo aka Enzo. But Elena still has many questions she needs to ask, how did Megan die and why she had a picture of her dad. Turns out that Megan found herself too close to Enzo and thus the reason for her death.

Stefan needing a refresher asks who he is and now we get the story of how Enzo survived. While the other guys don’t care about his story he gets angry and throws a chair. OK, we get it, we’ll hear your story. So, let’s continue…so Damon ends up leaving Enzo while the fire is spreading and thus their friendship was torn. So how did he survive? Another scientist rescued him and kept him for experiments. So we can say he was a bit perturbed. When it’s decided that they might as well kill Aaron, Aaron makes them go through his files he has to maybe find out some more info. But looks like Damon won’t be going anywhere, not under Enzo’s command that is. But they become buddies and when it all looks like they could work together on finding Elena Enzo’s trigger goes off and he tells him that he can’t go back to Wes until he kills him. They start to fight but Enzo can’t control the poison that Wes has put in him. The poison is too much and Enzo dies without giving him any info.

Aaron and Stefan are back at the dorm room, Aaron tries to kill Stefan but he stops him. He tells him, he’s dead already, Damon has a death wish on him and his whole family so what’s the point of dying now or later by the hands of Damon. shocked to hear this Stefan tells him that not all vampires are like his brother and then Aaron gives him all the files he has. Elena continues to have flashbacks of when she was little and would run into her dad and his “work”. Wes continues his plan to experiment on Elena so that she will be drawn to vampire blood and feed only on them. Now this definitely can’t happen!

Stab! Dr. Maxfield injects Elena and right when he does we hear Stefan call her name and she knocks Wes out with her head. But the shot is in her and who knows what is to come. Nadie and Matt have a conversation on their own and she hands over the travelers knife to Matt. That when Katherine decides if she wants to live longer to give the knife for her. Matt tells her that Katherine is Katherine and does everything for herself, no one else. Hurt by the fact that Nadie searched so long for her mom but now to lose her again is unbearable to her but Matt offers words of wisdom.

Looks like Enzo is alive thanks to Damon, who tells him that when he left Lorenzo he shut off his humanity and turned off his emotions. Enzo calls him a monster and that by saving him now is no payback for what he did to him. Now Damon goes back to his house and finds Elena reading up on her father’s studies. The little girl that he was working on was Megan, her roommate, who had a small amount of time to live. He was helping people but Damon says he was hurting vampires so what does that mean? He asks why she hasn’t run away from him since he’s such a monster and she tells him that she loves him. Naturally Damon tells her that he doesn’t want to be with her and he relieves her any attachment to him. That she must not care about him and not worry about him.

Katherine is well aware of her feelings for Stefan and when he comes to talk to her he tells her that what happened happened and it doesn’t mean anything. Katherine has done too much damage for him to forgive her, while she is dying he says that he just can’t. He tells her that he is sorry she is dying and she says, “trust me, I am too.” Aaron goes to Wes and tells him he never wants to see him again. Angered by the thought that he sold him out to continue his research he leaves Wes. So now that Stefan doesn’t want her she calls up Nadia to help her survive. She’s leaving the house and suddenly it looks like she has a heart attack and falls down the stairs!

Now tomorrow welcomes the first Vampire Diaries episode of the year and we’ll find out the fate of dear Katherine!

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