The Vampire Diaries Recap: “500 Years of Solitude”


Welcome back to a new The Vampire Diaries and mid season premiere of “500 Years of Solitude”.  Refresh your memory on what happened back in December with “Fifty Shades of Grayson”.

Now it so happens that we left off with Katherine falling down the stairs from a heart attack. Another one suffering is Elena, who just got dumped by Damon. Damon in need of some guys night, decides to play a drinking game with Matt and Jeremy which is about who Katherine screwed over the most. Then with a call from Stefan, Elena, Caroline and Bonnie arrive to play as well. I think they’re going to need more booze.

Dying and annoyed Katherine just wants to end her life, even in death her vanity pours out like no other. Stefan is there to comfort her and musters up a little compassion. But maybe he shouldn’t. Then out of nowhere Nadia knocks out Matt while he’s getting more booze and Stefan goes to join the gang to drink but strangely praises Katherine. Oh and then it slips that Stefan slept with Katherine and Elena is just not having this new news. So Nadia arrives to tell them that they better help her keep Katherine alive or it’s goodbye Matt. Ugh she sucks!

So now Stefan and Elena volunteer to help Nadia find to get Matt back. Jeremy, Bonnie and Caroline split up to cover more ground and try and find where Matt could be hidden. Flashbacks of Katherine’s past life and troubles arise now that she’s dying. Is she feeling remorse? Damon sneaks up on her to kill her but Liz, Caroline’s mother stops him. But wait how did she get in? Turns out she’s there from hospital orders to check up on dear K. All sedated, thanks to Damon, she goes back and remembers the first time she saw Stefan and came to Mystic Falls. While this is all happening in her head, Damon can see it as well. She describes the way she felt when she first saw Stefan and how the prophecy of the doppelgangers might be true.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Klaus is back! HELL YEAH! OK, OK, I’ll calm down but we know we’re all excited. Like always Caroline avoids and acts all angry towards him, when in reality we know they love each other. Klaus knows about Katherine dying and also about how Tyler left her. But what’s his mission? So Caroline continues on her quest to find Matt but Klaus sneaks right back to her asking her if she would give him the same choice as she did to Tyler. Be with her and leave his revenge mission or lose her and go away forever. She says she doesn’t know what he means. Please Caroline just love him! So he tells her that while she’s been vamping off he heard Matt and has been rescued and can you guess by whom? None other than Rebekah who was quite fond of Matt, if you remember. Poor Matt always getting into trouble when he does no harm. I guess it’s what he gets for being the only human, non-supernatural being.

Nadia, that vicious little vamp takes Elena and Stefan, who happen to be doppelgangers to a house full of what seems like travelers who have imprisoned them in a shack and are messing with their daylight rings. They don’t know what is happening to them but at least Elena forgives Stefan for what he did since she has no room to speak. Now it gets intense, with no protection from the sun aside from the shack, one traveler takes their hands and draws blood from them. The only thing that is not right is the fact that they are not healing and blood continues to pour.

Back with Katherine, she is feeling all kinds of weird. Jenna appears to her in her dreams, stabs her and then Elena’s dad chops off her fingers. Then Elijah appears but it’s not really him it’s just Damon messing with her until Nadia snaps his head and pleads Katherine to just say the spell so that she can be saved. Before she does or considers it, Katherine tells her how losing Nadia was the worst thing to happen to her, that she never looked for her but Nadia searched for years for her. She goes on to say that she’s been selfish her whole life and now it’s time for her to go and and be gone. Nadia angrily tells her fine, but that she will not stay and watch her die. As she leaves, Katherine injects herself with a sedative and Damon awakes from being knocked out and overhearing Katherine’s confession.

It’s cute how Elena and Stefan interact, while he talks up Katherine and how somehow he can’t hate her and how Elena shouldn’t give up on Damon. After they give up a bucket of blood, they are free to go and Stefan goes to say goodbye to Katherine. He sees the memories of Katherine, the worst day of her life. The day that her family got killed. Crying and telling Stefan that Damon told her that she deserves everything that is happening to her, that it was her fault, Stefan rejoins her in her dreams and gives her peace, tells her that she was just a 17 year old girl and none of it was her fault. Katherine sees her baby daughter and for a second is happy. Stefan kisses her on the forehead, says goodbye as Elena walks in asking if she is dead. He says no, but with these drugs she will not wake up again.

Back with Klaus and Caroline, Klaus asks for her confession. He tells her that he will never come back, she won’t ever see him, she won’t have to hate him and she will be free. All he wants is for her to be honest with him. She goes on to tell him that she is in college, she hates herself for feeling a certain way about him but she has plans and wants a future. He tells her that he will never come back. She leans in and tell him, “Good”, smiles and then he smiles and BAM! Make-out time. Oh my!

Two brothers sitting on a roof drinking lamenting their troubles. One about Katherine dying, the other about how Elena is meant to be with Stefan and it’s best he lets her go. Downstairs Bonnie, Jeremy and Matt gather around and Caroline walks in with leafs in her hair, um someone had a “rough” day. Matt asks Bonnie about being the anchor and then his sister Vicky appears, then all of a sudden Tyler comes in the front door! I’m confused because this isn’t good after Caroline just got some from Klaus. Surprised, we then hear another voice and its Alaric making a guest appearance to talk about Damon, his best buddy. All of a sudden Bonnie sees Katherine but Katherine freaks out and says no! Flash to Elena at Katherine’s bedside saying she just heard her heart stop beating and how she must not want to die. Elena shocks us by telling her that she forgives her, she forgives her because she was young and lost everything that she loved. Katherine tells her doppelgangers are a lot alike. She then asks if Elena would do the honors of giving her her last syringe of meds to end it all, she then says, “Elena, thank you for your forgiveness”. With a thank you, Elena gives her the dose but then Katherine goes all haywire, grabs her, says the ritual message that Nadia told her to do and transfers herself into Elena’s body. That evil biotch! Now Elena is gone and Katerine is in her body!

Things are heating up on VD so come back next week to find out what becomes of Elena and dish about how Caroline should just be with Klaus.

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