Hart of Dixie Recap: “Act Naturally”


Wake up Zoe Hart and enjoy the new day at your new place! Or old place, Zoe and Joel are back at Lavon’s and hey at least now they can save money. Now that Lavon is single he’s going to need all the consoling he can get. Same with AnnaBeth who is in no better condition. Don’t know what is going on? Recap last week’s episode HERE!

Zoe’s birthday is coming up and Joel is ready to throw the best party for her! Viviene is over at Lavon’s with Wade having breakfast and signs up to help, she even thinks it would be a great idea to meet Wade’s dad. Hmm, something that Wade doesn’t seem to fond of.

Tanzy is in high spirits since that kiss from George last episode. So she asks him out for dinner and dessert! As he leaves the office he runs into Scooter who is now a hippy, Earth-saving lawyer, all very very strange. Tanzy and George on the other hand are super cute together leaving a restaurant and then run into Scooter in a duck sign who tells her that he is trying to be a better man and that he made her love and care about animals. George asks her if she is falling her for and she says no but excuses herself because all of a sudden she has a headache.

Now as Zoe and Joel are making plans for her birthday party guess who comes strolling in? None other than Zoe’s mother! Eeek this is awkward, Zoe decides to not tell her about the birthday party and then tells Joel he has to cancel it being that she has not told her mom about how close she is to the Wilkes. So now Zoe and her mom are going around town, showing her the new house that her and Joel will move into but poor mom feels like Zoe is shutting her out of her life. Joel had gone to Lavon to tell him that the party was cancelled but found a very happy and lively Lavon and felt that shutting down the party and Lavon’s happiness was a no go. Now back with Zoe and her mom he informs Zoe that he couldn’t cancel it and now Zoe will be up to something to not have her mom find out about the party and still enjoy her bday.

Cricket is in a rut with the Belles since she bankrupted them and enlists newly-single AnnaBeth to come back to the Belles and help her out. To AnnaBeth surprise they come to her to ask if she could replace Cricket who is ruining them.

It’s a rude awakening for George Tucker as Tanzy tells him that Scooter invited her to dinner to hear him out and she agreed. Tom comes to George to talk about Scooter and his oddness and tells him he will investigate what’s going on with him. He did end up finding something, S. McGreevy is part of a certain firm that George knows all about.

Zoe and her mom are ready for a birthday breakfast and Joel starts to get clammy and nervous about the Zoe’s plan about being in two places at once. With a fake call from a patient Zoe excuses herself and Joel and Candice, Zoe’s mom head to grab a bite. At Zoe’s party, the people are happy and the drinks are flowing and having a fun time, but Joel and Candice not so much. Candice blames Joel for what is going on, not the party, but the fact that Zoe is back in BlueBell and settling down.

Crazy Earl is drunk and talking about how it was a big mistake for Wade to let go of Zoe and that Wade’s new girlfriend will never measure up to her. Wade escorts him out of the party making sure Viviene doesn’t see them. Lavon and AnnaBeth see each other and things don’t go so well. AB tells Lavon how it is and how she is done being civil and polite and that she was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Still no Zoe at dinner and things unravel when Zoe’s mom finds out that Zoe was up to something. Right when she is about to leave the party Lavon asks for her help and that he needs his best friend is this time of need. Another friend in need is AnnaBeth who got a little out of control and now is in the dumps. She and Cricket have a great heart to heart and know that things will get better. Lavon is confused and worried that he might have a problem but Zoe reminds him that if he doesn’t love someone 100% it’s probably not for the best.

George Tucker is feeling all mighty and powerful and is ready to shut Scooter down on his date with Tanzy. Right when he is calling him out, Tom comes and tells him that they had the wrong S. McGreevy and that it’s his cousin. Now George looks pretty pitiful, but not as pitiful as Zoe when her mom shows up to her party. As she’s calling Joel to just bring her to the house he tells her good because they already are there. Oh man, momma’s gonna be mad! But she is actually is getting along with everyone there and even Zoe’s other family. Zoe is scared that her mom will backtrack and go crazy on her.

Back with the Belles, they vote to have Cricket removed and AnnaBeth put in her place. AnnaBeth accepts and assigns Cricket as her co-leader. Wade and Vivene go to see Earl and he gives her a warning about how his dad is a drunk and sometimes embarrassing. But to his surprise Earl comes out, dressed, showered and polished. He is great! But I’m still not happy about this new relationship. Another bad relationship, Tanzy and Scooter who apparently are back together now and Tanzy has quit the Rammer Jammer and is leaving BlueBell to go to Mobile with Scooter. This makes for another sad exit and breakup. OK, now I don’t know what Hart of Dixie is trying to pull.

Zoe and her mom talk things out and all is going great until momma C decides that she is going to move to BlueBell! Yikes!

We’ll see how this story unfolds in the next couple episodes. Actually, in new news, Hart of Dixie is being moved to Friday nights and will return  March 21st. I’m not sure if this is a good thing as Friday nights aren’t the best time slots to be a part of on the CW. Here’s hoping that things spice up and we get some more excitement in BlueBell.

See you back in a couple weeks for a Hart of Dixie Recap on Friday, March 21st!

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