Hart of Dixie Recap: “Should’ve Been A Cowboy”


Things are peachy in BlueBell, Wade and Viv are happy, the town is saved and Zoe and Joel are buying a home!

While we did lose Lynly and Shelby last episode there’s still plenty of more action to come from the townspeople. Recap last episode HERE!

Zoe is shaping the people up by doing some cardio and guess who’s engaged, a Belle and not AnnaBeth. Well that’s gonna be a downer for her and Lavon’s relationship. So as she is now on in the bridal party, she is trying not to get fired up. Now she’s in charge of throwing a Bachlorette party and it’s driving her insane.

Joel, trying to get some of his creative juices flowing decides to follow Wade around to write his character after his. Joel is enamored by every action and situation that Wade gets himself in. He calls him a cowboy and gets upset when it’s time for Wade to leave but Wade tells him if he wants to know how it feels like to be in Wade’s shoes, he might as well be in them. So Joel will bartend the Rammer Jammer for the night! But does Joel himself way in too deep when he tries and get himself in the middle of a fight? Looks like just a couple minutes into bartending he gets himself into a “showdown” with Little Zack.

Cake Fest is coming up and it’s a battle Zoe must fight when she’s having a Health and Wealth Challenge bet with Brick about who will be on-call at the office. Cricket is a force to be reckoned with when she moves the Cake Fest up two weeks earlier, so Zoe goes to AnnaBeth to help her convince Cricket to move the date. The game plan? Get Cricket drunk at the bachlorette party and see how it goes.

Wade is back and Joel excitedly tells him about how he’s fighting Little Zack only to find out that this is a horrible idea. Now Joel is way in over his head. George and Tom have some business to attend to when Tom wants to make a farm for Wanda but under mayor’s orders it’s a no. But Tom won’t have it. George goes back to Lavon who denied Tom’s farm, Lavon tells him that Wanda told him that she didn’t want the alpacas and the farm and didn’t want Tom to find out.

Back at the bachlorette party, Tom and Meatball are being exotic dancers and everyone is loving the party, everyone but AB that is. Meatball and Tom sure know how to shake their thangs. So as the party is going strong, Cricket is drinking and Zoe goes after her, Cricket exclaims that she can not change the date and leaves. AnnaBeth is still bummed about the fact that her and Lavon are keeping their relationship how it is and taking things slow. But to be honest it’s not what AnnaBeth wants, she hates the fact that Lavon has all the power and she must wait. Then off to the side we hear Cricket throw up and say that she bankrupted the Belle’s, the Cake Fest is a big money maker and thus why she can’t move it.

So the Cake Fest is going strong and Zoe’s participants are dropping like flies and scurrying over to the pies. Back to the fight that Joel got himself into, Wade gives him a couple pointers but it might be a lost cause. Things between George and Lavon are a little off since Lynly left but after the Tom and Wade trial they make peace. So now the bet between Brick and Zoe and the health challenge is over since the Cake Fest won, Brick gets to leave for the weekend, making Zoe be on-call.

It’s a rough morning for AnnaBeth since tequila sure has it’s way of making people feel like death the next day. As Lavon comes to see how she is, she tells him that they need to talk. Oh no!

Joel Stevens is under the weather since he can’t seem to write and finish his book, with a little pep talk from Zoe he decides that he has something important to do and runs off to the fight. Wade had just stopped them from going wild when Joel shows up, punches Little Zack, gets excited and now has to face the consequences. Eek! Go get em’ tiger! Zoe gave up on the health and wellness challenge and helps cricket with the Cake Fest. George goes to the Rammer Jammer, goes up to Tanzy kisses her, tells her they should go out sometime and leaves. AnnaBeth and Lavon keep talking and AB tells him he is the love of her life but asks if he knows for sure is she is the love of his life. He tells her that he loves her so much, with tears in her eyes, sadness in his, she says, “there isn’t much more to say.”

Joel on the other hand is thrilled that he got into a fight but could this be the end of AB and Lavon?

Tune in next week to find out how the relationship ends or goes on and get ready for birthday celebrations and scheming with Zoe Hart!

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