“The Originals” Recap: “Red Door”


It’s “The Originals” recap time!

Forgot what happened last week in “”Live and Let Die”? No worries, recap episode 4 HERE. 

We start the episode with a bloody Elijah chasing…Elena?

He wakes up from being chained and Esther is right there with him telling him that she is not in his head, that he was dreaming. She asks who he was dreaming about and chasing? Elijah is very feisty and Esther tells him that she wants him to become a witch and take the body of a new being. He tells her to let him go and he gets vicious. She reminds him that he gets into his savage stage and rips up every little “butterfly” love that he has because he is a beast and she brings up him first love. We go back in time and we see a young Elijah and a doppleganger Elena who only had eyes for one person, Elijah. So now we see this doppleganger talking to Elijah and see that she is attracted to him and she says, “I choose you Elijah” and they share their first kiss.

Red Door

Well, well, well…Now back to present time and Esther tells him that he always rips his butterflies apart and he says it happened when Esther drained his first love of her blood.


We go now to Klaus, Cami, Kol and a knocked out Davina. He gives the keys to Camil so that she can take Davina to the hospital and now he talks to Kol, who Klaus now realizes is his brother since he knew that his mother was back and was expecting him. So Kol taunts him and he’s like you’re not going to hurt me since you promised Cami you wouldn’t and he yells to Cami that he has changed his mind. But Cami doesn’t respond and he goes back to the car and sees that she is gone and so is his dad, Mikael. Klaus calls Elijah but no response. So he takes off and leaves Kol with Davina who seems to have taken a liking to her.

All of a sudden Kol gets a call from Finn who asks if he has the stake. We then see Mikael with Cami and find out that he will use her to get to Klaus. He starts to hear music and sees a party going on which makes us think he will feed to get strength. Kol keeps snooping around Davina’s place and then she wakes up and asks about Klaus and the white oak stake. She tries to call to Mikael through her bracelet but we know it’s not going to work because Kol undid the spell. But she needs to find Klaus and Mikael and decides she needs to finish her spell.


We finally see Marcel and Hayley and she is asking about Elijah and Oliver. They start to get worried and Hayley says she is going to go look for them. Elijah is weak with Esther who tells him he hasn’t fed and tells him how she tried to make her kids strong. We then flashback to Klaus and Elijah who have turned and Klaus asks how many he killed and what has he become? Elijah tells him that he killed 6 villages and he tells him that he is not a hybrid like him when Klaus asks if any of him siblings share the same curse. We see the doppleganger who’s name is Tatia who finds out that Elijah is a vampire and she runs scared. We go through a series of flash back and flash forwards of Tatia and Elijah and how he wants her blood and is a new vampire who didn’t want to hurt her but he couldn’t help himself. So we see that he drank her blood and killed her but blames it on his mother but she says that it was all him and all he has to do it remember.




Klaus is searching for Cami and he runs into the party people who Mikael has compelled to dress creepily with masks and tell him what Mickael wants him to know. Back with Davina and Kol he shows her that he is pretty good at magic and that they should begin the spell. Mikael and Cami start talking about Klaus and how he loved Klaus and thought he was a true warrior and then he found out that he wasn’t his son and he was frustrated. Cami tells him that infidelity was not Klaus’ fault and he tells her that he was then super interested in his wolf side and he took his other son and got him invested in supernatural powers. Cami tells him that they should not hate each other and then he gets angry and bites Cami.

Klaus gets a call from Hayley who tells him that Elijah is missing and then he says that he is busy and has to track down Mikael who has Cami, Marcel overhears that part, and then by end of day he is finishing this and either he or Mikael will be dead.

Chasing The Devil's Tail

Whoa things starts to get intense when Davina and Kol start doing the spell but he interrupts it and she finds out that he is betraying her and he tells her that his mom ordered to kill the spell or kill her and he likes her so he chose. He tells her that you don’t disobey momma dearest and she brought him back and is a Mikaelson but him mother is crazy. Davina finds out that he disconnected her from Mikael and she wants to know how so he says he will teach her.


Elijah and his mother are still talking about Tatia and his memories. He tells her that she is messing with his mind and again she says she didn’t. That she told him to wipe out the bad memories and that he created a place in his mind where he shut out all the bad he did, a Red Door, where he hid all his evil doing. Again she tells him that he should get a new body and give Hayley a baby and he says that she will not break him and she tells him that he already is broken and she is here to fix them all. Davina gets mad at Kol who is being a bit complicated with her and doesn’t want her to go looking for Mikael. But she tells him to give her the keys are she will go find them and drives off.

Klaus finds Mikael with Cami in his hands and Klaus tells him he will kill him and Mikael tells him he waited for him to drain Cami of her blood right in front of him The battle begins. We then see Kol and Davina get there and she wants to do the spell to control Mikael again and Kol says he can help him. Mikael ends up stabbing Klaus with the white stake and we see him turn pale white! The spell has begun!

Mikael is furious that Klaus is not burning and dying and then he walks out to see Davina and Kol doing the spell but it’s too powerful. Mikael takes a hold of Davina and bites her but Cami has taken the stake out of Klaus. He tells her that she has a warriors heart and might keep it for himself and goes to kill her but then Marcel jumps in and ounces him. Mikael goes to fight Marcel but Hayley steps in and Klaus wakes up and tells him he is outnumbered. Mikael laughs and tells him people don’t make him strong and that he is a coward for not fighting by himself and leaves. Marcel then goes to Davina and asks what she is doing trying to get him and Klaus killed and bringing back Mikael back. Marcel leaves and Davina says she still needs to get even with Klaus and that Kol is going to help her.

We see Klaus holding and taking care of Camil and thanking her for pulling the stake out just in the nick of time. He tells her that he has never seen Mikael run and then Marcel and Hayley come and tell him that they have another problem. He flash over to Elijah and his evil mother and as she is telling him that she wants him to get a new body Hayley comes in and bites her and frees Elijah. He tells her that he craves her and that he can hurt her, she tells him that he won’t and they start making out and she lets him bite her. But 😦 ugh we see Finn looking at him and asking his mom what she did and she says, “I’m letting him dream.”Wheel Inside The Wheel

SHE IS SO EVIL!! Her plan is that by the time he wakes and knows he wants Hayley and a new life he will understand that the only way to find peace is to do it her way.


What can we expect next week? I guess we will have to find out!

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