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What can I say…

I’m scared, I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m pretty sure I’ll freeze to death but I can officially say that one of my life goals is coming true. I am going to New York Fashion Week!!

While only for a couple days, I’m excited to take the journey for work and venture out to the Big Apple all by myself to see how I can cover Fashion Week. I still have many things to do and prepare for but I want all to go well. I want to make myself proud, my brand proud and learn more about what I want for the future. It was a long shot, but I said why not (queue Kelly Clarkson). I went on a limb and applied, got accepted, asked for permission and got the YES!

But of course, I’ll try and keep La Vida Liz updated on my journey and hope for the best!

Xoxo Liz Cal

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