Ruby Rose Is The New Face of Urban Decay

Ruby - Announcement Image

Urban Decay has signed “Orange Is The New Black” actress, Ruby Rose, as its new edgy face. Rose will be known as the Most Addictive New Vice which pretty much translates to rocking the Urban Decay world and spreading the gospel of self-expression, addiction to color, and “beauty with an edge”.

“Urban Decay believes in supporting individuality and personal self-expression— two values I hold very dear— because everyone deserves the freedom to explore their personality and discover their true selves,” said the actress in the press release.

Founding partner Wende Zomnir stated that the Urban Decay girl is not only the coolest in the room, but also the nicest, “So when Ruby Rose hit the scene, we were immediately hooked. With her badass look, f***-it attitude and playful spirit, she nails what it means to be feminine, dangerous and fun. She rocks haute couture with sleeve tattoos and a bold lip with an edgy haircut.”

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So will the also DJ and model start her own line a la Gwen Stefani? All Zomnir had to say was, “Better things come to those who wait – just give it time. We’ve waited 20 years to do something like this – patience is a virtue. We’ll share more when we’re ready!”

Can’t wait!

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