NYFW: Liz Takes New York Fasion Week – Day 1

IMG_0154 Well I am officially in New York for Fashion Week and am exhausted! I took a red eye, left around 12:30am and arrived almost at 9am. I quickly put on my winter clothes and took a taxi to my hotel to where I wasn’t allowed to check in until 4pm. I rested, ate and recharged to head out to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and attend the Angel Sanchez show. Let me tell you, it was incredible! The designs were majestic, beautiful, mind blowing and it was amazing to get to see them in real life walking right by you and catch a glimpse of the detailing. I’m impressed by all the people who dress up super fabulous and chic because this winter chill is out of control! It’s freezing and I mean freezing! For a Cali girl like me who hasn’t spent much time in the snow it has been a world wind of emotions in this blistering cold but thank goodness for taxis. IMG_0175   Continue reading