Ke$ha Rose By Charles Albert Jewerly Line

ImageLooks like ‘Crazy Kid” Ke$ha is taking a stab at the fashion world with her new jewelry line Kesha Rose by Charles Albert. Recently launched, the one-of-a-kind line has everything from skulls to shark teeth to even male genitalia. But don’t let that stop you from obsessing over the eccentric line this pop star has conjured.

 Intrigued since the day I found out that she would be producing accessories besides catchy dance tunes,  I found myself going bananas over several pieces. Obviously as a Ke$ha fanatic I had to see what the mind of the famous singer would create. Let me tell you, I loved everything about it. From the turquoise stones to the arrowheads and golden teeth, it was something I had never seen being paired together. Image


As a lover of statement bling the Obsidian Skull, Arrowhead, Black Rose & Campo Frio Turquoise piece is to die for. A mixture of pretty much the whole line, this necklace stands as a must-have.




Another great addition to add to your wardrobe would be the the Pyrite, Fossil Shark Tooth, & Turquoise Adjustable Knuckle Rings. These tiny trendsetting trinkets are perfect for glamoring up a simple outfit. Pair it with Imagethe simple yet funky Cannibal Cuff. 

Ke$ha’s contemporary line showcases her personality and unique tastes like no other celebrity line has done before. One thing we can count on is that this bling is about to blow right off the selves! Visit the Kesha Rose By Charles Albert site to also snatch up Supernatural Charm Bracelet and the Blue Rose Post earrings among other collections before the other “animals” do.










All Photos Courtesy of Kesha Rose by Charles Albert

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