Laguna Beach’s Trendiest Shop: Taim Boutique

Taim BoutiqueLast week I ventured over to Laguna Beach to check out a quaint little shop owned and managed by Kendra Pearce. I loved everything about this boutique from its appearance on the outside to all the fashionable clothes and accessories on the inside.

Taim Boutique, pronounced time, is a women’s styling shop who’s motto is to “make women feel confident and beautiful by helping them discover and refine their style.” They house amazing brands such as Dolce Vita, French Connection, Vince Camuto, Natural Life tees and many more. front

Situated on the popular Coast Highway just steps away from the breathtaking ocean, I stepped in and was greeted by Kendra herself and Katie Stuart who runs all of Taim social media and marketing. Katie a Merchandise Marketing student at FIDM and has had a passion for fashion since being a young girl playing with Barbies. She describes her style as classic with a twist with fun colors. She also runs her own fashion blog called where she showcases outfit posts, reviews and  her portfolio.

The seaside spot brought to life by Kendra’s love of fashion wants to help women refine their personal style and make them feel confident in what they wear.

BeachOffering a variety of style programs, I ask Kendra what inspired her to start her own boutique, “I have been in retail forever and I actually modeled when I was in high school so I saw the backside of it… I’ve got my own voice and I’ve got my own vision. I wanted to do something different than what’s out there. I didn’t want to be as trendy, I didn’t want it to be as “boho-california”, I wanted it to be a bit more timeless and classic. Things that women want to wear and can wear everyday. I wanted to make my mark. ”

As I take a look around I already have a list of things I want which include some Le Spec sunglasses to a gorgeous Rachel Palley dress that I just had to try on.  Light and comfortable clothes surround the boutique, every piece chosen to make a woman’s wardrobe perfect.

“I like things that make me feel good and lots of things that can be worn in a lot of ways, multifunctional. I like to dress myself and other women in things that they can wear multiple times, different seasons, out to work or on a night out”, states Pearce.IMG_2555

Known for their Daniel Rainn blouses,  Mavi denim which make great  jackets, shirts and boyfriend jeans and It Jeans does a great skinny and boot cut. Taim shoppers know they are always stocked on their must-have denims and styles that work for everyday life.

Staple pants and jackets and maxi’s are what this place is all about! Everywhere I look there is something I love. i appreciate the way the store is put together, clean simple and organized yet at the same time super cute and stylish.

Taim also offers 4 great Style Programs:

IMG_2548In Store Styling: Go into Taim and their styling team will help you put together complete outfits, providing styling advice and suggestions.

At Home Styling- The styling team will go to your home, work with the clothes you already have and show you how to work with what is already in your wardrobe. Or for the more visual learners, they can take pictures of outfits and send them your way. Great for help on what to pack on vacations!

Closet Makeover– The team helps you clean out your closet to get rid of the old and bring in the new! Let them organize your closet, put looks together and give you tips on how to keep wearing what you already have!

Box Program/Shop at Home BoxAWESOME IDEA! The styling team will create a special box with your tastes and style preferences from what they can tell about your likes and dislikes. They ship the box to you with handwritten notes with tips on how to wear the items, how to include them with clothes from your closet and you can try it on at home, keep what you like, send back what you don’t and you only get charged for what you keep!

For more info on their Style Programs contact:

949-715-4200 or email at :

Make sure to check out their website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page to see all the new products they have to offer,





2 thoughts on “Laguna Beach’s Trendiest Shop: Taim Boutique

  1. I just love Taim boutique and am so happy you chose to feature it! Kendra and her team are truly making their mark and each has such a great eye! The shop is a beautifully edited collection of clothes and accessories and is a place where you can feel comfortable whatever your age, shape, style or budget. Warm and friendly, the Taim girls are there to help you look and feel your best. My go-to spot in Laguna Beach! I always recommend Taim Boutique!

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