Get Inspired: Outfit Remake

Get Inspired: Outfit Remake

I’m constantly looking up fashion blogs to get inspired and find new ways to wear what I already have. I browse through some of my favorite Tumblr sites to find perfect outfits for everyday occasions.

This week I found the perfect remake!

On the right we have a stylish ensemble that I found online. I loved the way the dressy blouse was mixed with casual jean shorts and and edgy leather jacket. I took to my closet and tried to remake the same look!

It was easier than I thought. In my opinion everyone should have a black leather jacket in their wardrobe, end of story! Jean shorts are also a girls summer must have, add a chiffon button up, a neck tie, and bam, outfit completed. I was lucky I had a tuxedo type shirt to recreate the look.

It was super easy and I encourage you all to get creative and try to revamp your wardrobe with ideas you see online. Try it and show me your remakes of awesome outfits.

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