Hart of Dixie Recap: “Take This Job & Shove It”

hartZoe Hart lovers unite! Last week we left off with poor new bf Joel not situating so well in BlueBell. Lemon and Wade’s secret love plan back fired when Meatball arrivds at Lavon and AnnaBeth’s dinner party and news spread that he and Lemon were sleeping together.

*Spoiler alerts ahead

In this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie, Zoe is as zany as ever, unemployed and with so much free time that all she can do is get into some trouble. Trying to plot a way into getting back her old job, Brick is not having it as he sends out a spy to make sure she doesn’t treat any of his patients. When Joel springs the idea of Zoe starting her own practice, George Tucker is quick to shoot down the idea.

Speaking of George Tucker, he gets his hands messy with little Lynly only to be saved by none other than Hart herself. Cricket is feistier than ever as the new leader of the Belles and is quick to shoot down any of Lemon’s ideas. With rebellion in Lemon’s eyes the game is on!

Take This Job and Shove It

Lavon talks Brick into wooing an old friend in hopes to bring a minor league baseball team into BlueBell. Wade punches Joel to distract Brick from searching for Zoe as she is secretly treating a special patient and when it comes down to it, our girl Zoe gets exactly what she wanted!

While I do enjoy me some Hart of Dixie, I must say it has been a rather slow start for me. Can we just have Wade and Zoe be back together and be done with it? We’ll see what next week’s Halloween themed HoD brings us!

Until next time!

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