#TT: Amy Poehler Honored at Variety’s Power of Comedy Event (PHOTOS)

Throwing it back EXACTLY two years ago when my Variety of Comedy article was posted on Celebuzz. A great event honoring Amy Poehler and benefiting a great cause. See the full article below and HERE!

Celebrities attend Variety's 2011 Power of Comedy Awards

Posted 2 years ago   •   by Liz Calvario

The second annual Variety Power of Comedy event tickled some funny bones this past weekend and Celebuzz was there! This year’s honoree was none other than the hilariously talented Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler.

The event honored Amy for her numerous contributions to comedy, followed by a night of stand-up and sketch comedy performances benefiting the Noreen Fraser Foundation (which focuses on women’s cancer research).

Stand-up acts included T.J. Miller, The League star Nick Kroll, Casey Wilson, Happy Endings starand Sarah Silverman. As the night came to a close, SNL and Up All Night actress and comedian Maya Rudolph spoke some wise words of congratulations by telling the crowd:

“Tonight, I would like to sing a song for you, a beautiful song, by the always tasteful and utterly brilliant lyricist Mr. R. Kelly, and it is entitled ‘Sex in the Kitchen.’ You’re welcome.”

She proceeded to sing the dramatic song for the audience.

The hilarious, comedy filled night ended with comedic superstar Will Ferrell presenting the honor to the woman of the evening. Amy came up to accept the honor by giving an exuberantly comical and entertaining speech. Picking out her favorite quotes of the night, she went on to say:

“This has been my kind of night; everything’s kind of hard to hear, everything’s a bit sloppy, the ceiling is too high but everyone’s heart is in the right place…it is an honor to be honored.To all the wonderful people who did a video tonight, thanks but no thanks. I know how easy it is to do a video. Videos are easy. You can’t drag your ass down here to shake my hand in person, you’re dead to me.  So I don’t care about your words and I don’t care about you.

The Variety Power of Comedy award has a very long and prestigious history dating back to 2009. I am the first woman to win. Yes it is about time! Ladies we are really breaking barriers tonight!”

Also in attendance was Amy’s husband Will Arnett, Whitney star Whitney Cummings, Parks and Recs costars Aubrey Plaza and Adam Scott, plus David Henrie, Gene Simmons, Sarah Colonna, and many more celebs who had nothing but kind words to say about Amy.

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