The Vampire Diaries Recap: “Yellow Ledbetter”

The Vampire Diaries

 Welcome back for episode 2 of “The Vampire Diaries!”

It feels great to have the boys – Stefan & Damon, mostly Stefan 😉 – back in our lives.

Forgot what happened last episode? Read the recap of the first episode of the 6th season click here!

Now let’s chat about what we saw in “Yellow Ledbetter.”

At the end of last episode we saw Bonnie and Damon having breakfast. Now in the beginning we see them together post “end of the other side.”

They wake up and are in Mystic Falls but there are no people and something is different, “Where are we?,” Damon says, “I have no idea,” Bonnie replies.


So Stefan is in Savannah, Georgia and the girl he’s with, whose name is Ivy, has made him breakfast post one-night-stand. She gets uncomfortable because she realizes she is trying to hard but then he invites her to dinner. But how is Elena coping back home? From what we can see, still missing Damon but has chosen to pack up all the things that remind her of him. Thus also having Alaric compel her to forget him.

But oh!, look who is back in the picture? Enzo looks like he’s having a little too much fun with a girl who can direct him to a coven of witches to help get Bonnie and Damon back.

Alaric and Elena start the process of forgetting Damon. From what we hear he made her feel like she could do anything and now he will merely be a stranger she passed by on the road. Speaking of roads, we go back to D&B (new name I’ll call them), they are walking the streets of Mystic Falls and see Elena’s home unburned to the ground and when D finds a newspaper the date reads 1994. What?!

Alaric makes Elena go through every single memory she had with Damon and tries to change her memories but it might be a bit harder than he thought. Now we go back to D&B on Elena’s front porch, in 1994, and are trying to figure out why they are stuck where they are.

Caroline meets up with Enzo to try and find the lead they have to rescue their friends or are they?

Now back to Stefan, there he is preparing his dinner for his date with Ivy and he looks so handsome cooking din din!

But OMG what is this? As Ivy walks in she says she ran into his friends and who comes walking in the door? Enzo & Caroline.


Wow all this in the first 19 minutes!

Hahaha the best part comes when Damon makes pancakes while dancing to “Whatta Man” by Salt ‘N’ Pepa and is drinking alcohol. Random, but I dig. D&B are still confused about what’s going on and then all of a sudden a solar eclipse happens, same as yesterday, they look at the date of the newspaper and they realize they are living the same day over and over again.

Jeremy clearly has problems as he continues to sleep with random girls and not giving an eff about anything. While Elena keeps caring a lot about Damon as she relives the memories with him with Alarec. Everytime Alarec asks “Who is Damon Salvatore” she responds, “He was my boyfriend, I loved him and now he’s dead.” But it doesn’t keep working, Alarec tells her that she needs to figure out the exact moment she knew she loved him but she fails to pin point that moment and gets frustrated and tells him she is done.

Back at Stefans, Enzo gets feisty with Stef and makes a scene and stabs Stefan while Ivy is there at the dinner table but no worries because Caroline compels her to forget. Upstairs she gets a call from Alarec to get an update and he tells her that Elena can’t seem to find the exact moment when she fell in love with Damon, this is when Carline replies saying, “Well she doesn’t want to admit what everyone already knows, that she fell in love with Damon when she was still with Stefan.” 😦 She turns around and Stefan is right there listening to the words she just said. Noooo, I’ve always loved you Stefan! ❤

Caroline apologizes and Stefan says he doesn’t care, but she asked why don’t you care? “Because I had to, because I had to move on,” he replies. “There is nothing we can do, Damon and Bonnie are dead… I couldn’t go back. I had to move on, I didn’t have a choice, I had to erase them.” This is where Caroline gets upset and calls him a dick.

Elena is going mad thinking about Damon and needs more potion but then Alarec comes and tells her that she needs to be honest and to tell him about Damon while she was with Stefan. She says she was always faithful to Stefan and she loved him. Alarec says that it’s ok, she can tell him the moment that she knew she loved Damon…”It was my birthday, Damon and I spent the whole summer looking for Stefan…I was so sad…I wasn’t going to go and then Damon came into my room and he gave me a necklace…even though he loved me he gave me the one thing that represented his brother.”


“It was the most selfless that he had ever been and in that moment I loved him. For that moment I loved him,” Elena confessed. “Do it, it’s ok. I’m ready. I’m sure, just take it away.”

Alarec compels her and when he finally asks her who Damon is she replies: “He’s Stefan’s brother, he was a monster, and then he died.” :/

When we return to Caroline she’s bawling her eyes out and then Elena calls her telling her to come home and go party. Enzo comes back into the car and sees her crying and is not very happy, he returns to Stefan’s and is holding Ivy in his arms. Stefan tells him to let her go and snap! he kills her telling him that he will always bring him hell for betraying Damon & giving up on him.

Jeremy is more hurt than we thought. Back home we see him calling Bonnie’s phone just to hear her voice and he tells her that he is so mad at her. Aww Jer.

At the end we find out that Matt’s teacher/trainer is a member of a founding family in Mystic Falls and we see him drive into town with a van full of vampires that burn as they enter the forbidden zone. Hmmm interesting…

The episode comes to a finish as D&B realize that someone else is with them because the crossword puzzle they had earlier is completely filled out. Who could this new member be? Is it a returning villain or friend?

I guess we will find out soon.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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