The Vampire Diaries Recap: “I’ll Remember”

The Vampire Diaries


Welcome back to the start of season 6 of “The Vampire Diaries!”

This is so very exciting since we left off with Damon and Bonnie stuck in the other world with no way to come back. This season promises to be filled with a lot more love, drama, violence and heightened emotions so let’s start the recap of episode 1, “I’ll Remember.”

Four months have passed since Damon & Bonnie left this Earth and Elena is not coping well and the vampires are not allowed back into their town due to the curse that the travelers have put upon it.

In the first scene we are in the woods with two youngin’s making out in a tent when they hear something outside which happens to be Sheriff Forbes. The two love birds are headed back to their car when something captures the girl and they end up being killed in the opening scene.

Elena has decided to become a med student to get unlimited access to blood. Something that I didn’t recall was that Alaric came back from the dead, is a vampire now and teaching at the college.

Stefan is trying to keep busy working at a body shop and is grieving in his own way. But is doing something undercover with a lady friend he met at his new location. Caroline dropped out of Whitmore and found a new home with her mom.

What we do see is Elena talking to Damon, catching him up on all that has happened, clearly someone is also grieving in their own way. From what we can tell is that Luke, Liv’s witch brother, is giving Elena a special herb potion to help her see Damon and he now thinks it is time to stop the hallucinations. She gets a little too feisty when he denies her the potion and says that she NEEDS to see Damon. (And thanks to this, this is how we get to see a little more of Ian Somerhalder).


Jeremy is not living his life, just making out with girls, playing video games all day and not doing anything while Matt is doing a little better, working out and trying to get stronger.

Tyler is human again, this I forgot, Alaric has to warn him to take it easy at the college festivities due to the fact that if he does anything violent he could trigger the werewolf curse. He does get a little crazed at one point and almost kills Luke before Alaric steps in.


While Stefan is with this new girl he tells her that he is a vampire but she thinks that he is joking. We’ll have to see what this plan of his entails. It seems as if this girl has something or knows something that can help them out.

Elena is ravenous and when she sees a lost girl she starts biting her and doesn’t know how to control herself. All of a sudden Caroline shows up and the girls runs away into the forbidden zone where vampires aren’t allowed in and now there is a girl on the loose with her memory intact of what happened. This is when we realize that Elena is not over Damon and that she can’t control herself because of the loss of Bonnie and Damon.


When the girl reaches town she tries to tell Matt that a vampire bit her and when more people start to gather Matt tells them that a dog bit her to cover up the story. What ends up happening is that Matt runs the girl to the border so that Caroline can compel her.

Elena calls Stefan to see if he can help her and he tells her that he has moved on and it is time to say goodbye. Elena is clearly distraught after this call. She goes back and takes the potion one last time to tell Damon thank you and that she loves him. This will be the “last” time that she tries to see him. But when she opens her eyes after kissing him she stills sees him. Clearly she can’t let go.


Caroline is upset that Stefan hasn’t reached out to her and calls Stefan to leave him a voicemail to try and get her friends back. “We need to be together Stefan,” is what she says while she is trying to ask for help. “I am not going to give up on us.” Instead of listening to the voicemail Stefan breaks his phone. Could Caroline be wanting something more from Stefan than his friendship?

The big ending scene comes with Elena asking Alaric to compel her into not loving Damon and forgetting him. Since he was created from the original vampire spell it means he can compel other vampires. But hold on a sec’ what is Damon doing flipping pancakes and having breakfast with Bonnie!!


Where are they?! I guess we will have to wait until next episode!

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