Music Monday: Dashboard Confessional Reunites for Third Eye Blind Tour


Well isn’t this a great start to a new week!

Dashboard Confessional is reuniting and now I can play “Hands Down” on repeat. Thanks to Third Eye Blind and their new Summer tour, our favorite pop-rock, heart-swooning bad is getting back together. Lead singer Chris Carrabba has just informed fans that he is getting back on the road making this their first gig in five years.

Dashboard will be on the entire 38 city-tour that starts May 29 and ends July 26 and you bet your tush that I will try and go to this!

Here is the pop-rocker giving us the news himself on his Facebook page.

“It’s been a while since you’ve heard anything from Dashboard Confessional, and I thought it might be time to change that. So, what’s new with you? Got any big plans this summer? I got a feeling I know what I’ll be up to.”

And that’s not all!

To celebrate this momentous occasion by signing up for their fan club the band is offering an unreleased demo song for your enjoyment. You can look at all the tour dates HERE and to conclude this Music Monday post I leave you with their hit single… OK 2 of them, “Stolen” and “Hands Down.” Excuse me while I shed happy tears of joy.

Also I never knew Olivia Wilde was in “Stolen”…

“Sleep well” 😉

xoxo Liz Cal




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