Music Monday: The Maine – “Miles Away”

Happy Monday music lovers!

Tonight’s “Music Monday” selection comes from The Maine and their new single “Miles Away” that was released last week.

The fun, up-beat jam has a killer chorus that makes you bob your head up and down and throw your arms up in the air. All throughout I catch myself tapping my foot and thanks to the lyric video above I can sing along.

“I didn’t ever want to come down, from that West Coast rush and summer high, and easy, peaceful sense of time, (I feel so alive).”

With these playful lyrics it is sure to become the Summer anthem and I for one, just want to ride in my convertible with the windows and top down and this song playing loudly so that I can enjoy life and “feel so alive.”

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“Miles Away” is from their upcoming album “American Candy” which comes out on March 31 and also includes their first hit single “English Girls.”

For now I’ll close my eyes and, “At the moment any place I go is beautiful. Because in my mind I am miles and miles away.” 😉


Xoxo Liz Cal

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