‘Divorce’ Episode 4 Recap: ‘Mediation’ Is the Way to Go, or Is It?

Welcome back my Divorcees! Forgot what happened in episode 3? Click here to catch up!

Now, let’s recap episode 4, “Mediation.”


The episode’s synopsis is: Frances and Robert try to remain amicable as they meet with a mediator; Frances confides in a co-worker; Robert gets some surprising financial news.

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1. The episode begins with Robert sleeping at his construction site. The couple then go to their first mediation meeting where we find out that they haven’t even told the kids about their divorce.

2. Frances has a breakdown at work and confesses everything that is happening to her life to some employee who she can’t remember his name – it’s Brian btw.

mediation sjp_.jpg

3. We find out that Robert is having money problems and is now freaking out about it. At dinner, while they’re supposed to tell the kids about the divorce, he stresses over the cost of the meal. Unfortunately, Robert gets sick, ends up throwing up and the plan is ruined.

4. Julian keeps calling Frances nonstop and even leaves a voicemail on her home phone. She finally goes over to his apartment to break things off with him. Oddly enough – or not – we find out that Robert has been calling and texting him and he wants him to stop. After she realizes that that is the only reason he’s been trying to reach her, she angrily leaves his place. Are they done for good?

5. Robert and Frances, well more like Robert, finally tell their kids that they are getting a divorce. She tells them that it’s OK to feel shocked and scared but Tom says that he kind of saw it coming. Frances asks her daughetr Lila is she’s fine, she says she is.

6. Robert has found an old boating parking lot that he wants to buy and have Nick invest in. When he tells Nick the idea, he’s not game. Towards the end of the episode we see him talking to the seller who tells him that his sister also went through a divorce and her ex-husband got a ton of money. He urges him to talk to his lawyers and when Robert tells him that they aren’t dealing with then, he says he should.

The episode ends with Frances at the mediation meeting waiting for Robert, who is somewhere else speaking with a lawyer.

Looks like things aren’t going to be as easy as we thought they’d be.


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