‘Divorce’ Episode 3 Recap: ‘Counseling’ Will Make Things Better, Right?

Welcome back my Divorcees! Forgot what happened in episode 2? Click here to catch up!

Now, let’s recap episode 3, “Counseling” P.S. Thomas Haden Church is still the best.


The official synopsis for the series is: Robert and Frances attend couples therapy to see if their marriage is salvageable; Frances gets advice from Dallas; Robert vents at work; tensions mount as Frances and Robert try to maintain a facade of normalcy for their children.

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1. The episode begins with Robert and Frances going to counseling and him wanting to know how many times she had “intercourse with Julian’s French penis.”

2. While at work Robert tries to hang with his Spanish-speaking construction workers and tells them he’s going through a divorce. One of them tells him that he can hook him up with a gun and Robert replies, “No, muchas gracias cabrón.” \

3. Back at therapy Robert admits that he had an “emotional affair,” which Frances finds infuriating because she realizes it was his old college friend. He tells her that he was on his way to the lady’s hotel room but then 9/11 happened. After he found out his friend was OK, he went home and lied to Frances about where he was. Oh snap!

4. To de-stress, Robert goes to the hospital to talk to Nick, is still in a coma, who wakes up and tells him to shut up. Diane quickly arrives to the hospital and they decide to put the past behind them.


5. The episode ends with the couple deciding that therapy is not for them and that they are done. As Robert packs up and tells her he’ll have “his lawyers, call her lawyers,” they realize they don’t know how this whole divorce thing works. He tells her that he really did love her and they say their goodbyes – but before he leaves, he has to use the bathroom.

What’s in store for these two? We’ll have to wait and see.

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