2015: The Hardest Year of My Life

Who would’ve thought that 2015 would have been the year that everything changed. As we welcome the New Year, I’d like to look back at my blessings and the tragedies.

This year I lost my mom. She was taken from my me and my family after an unexpected accident. Some things are hard to take and sometimes you don’t understand why they happen. This came out of nowhere and literally broke us all. She was too young, too full of life and too loved to be gone. I think about her every single day since that horrible day in May. And yet with that tragedy, my life has changed forever. I’ve begun to start looking at life differently. Some things have more meaning now. Some things matter more and others just don’t seem worth it anymore.

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January: I turned 25. For New Years I went to Florida with Garrett’s family and went to  Universal Studios (HARRY POTTER RULED) and Disney World. Garrett and I spent my birthday in Seattle and Portland and loved every bit of it!

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