2015: The Hardest Year of My Life

Who would’ve thought that 2015 would have been the year that everything changed. As we welcome the New Year, I’d like to look back at my blessings and the tragedies.

This year I lost my mom. She was taken from my me and my family after an unexpected accident. Some things are hard to take and sometimes you don’t understand why they happen. This came out of nowhere and literally broke us all. She was too young, too full of life and too loved to be gone. I think about her every single day since that horrible day in May. And yet with that tragedy, my life has changed forever. I’ve begun to start looking at life differently. Some things have more meaning now. Some things matter more and others just don’t seem worth it anymore.

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January: I turned 25. For New Years I went to Florida with Garrett’s family and went to  Universal Studios (HARRY POTTER RULED) and Disney World. Garrett and I spent my birthday in Seattle and Portland and loved every bit of it!

February: New York Fashion Week! Checked off a huge bucket list moment by getting to go to New York for the first time. It was cold but worth it! Also prepared for Katie and John’s wedding and had the time of my life.

March: Another bucket list item checked off: Mavericks vs. Lakers game with Garrett. Work was pretty solid! Katie’s wedding at the end of the month was so beautiful.

April: Nothing comes to mind but I know it was a good month.

May: The worst month of my life. After celebrating a wonderful Mother’s Day with my mom, 4 days later we lose her.

June: Belize trip with Garrett. A beautiful and relaxing trip that opened my eyes to the world’s beauty. I also had so much support from friends and family. Celebrated Garrett’s birthday and tried to distract myself.

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July: Went to Guadalajara to take mom’s ashes. Saw a lot of family, had emotional moments while celebrating her life. This month I got to attend Comic Con for the first time and had a blast. Had a crazy trip to Oakland for the “Peanuts Movie” that ended up being a bust but was still fun.

August: Worked super hard for the “10 Latinos To Watch” event and editorial coverage. Met so many amazing actors and actresses and busted my ass off. Had the opportunity to write for Variety Magazine. Elisa visited me for the first time and then at the end of the month both her and Daniel stayed at Garrett’s place. Love them. Moved in temporarily with Garrett at the end of the month since we had to move out of Long Beach.

September: Kept preparing for the “10 Latinos To Watch,” got published in Variety and had the event. I’ll never forget how that night went and how different it was than I expected. Went to my first Dodgers game. Interviewed John Stamos and got into our first Emmy parties: Variety Women in Film, Audi Party and HBO after-party. Foo Fighters concert.

October: Went to Mickey’s Halloween party with Elisa and was a super fun night. Traveled home a lot to hang out with friends and just take a break from all the work stuff. By this time Garrett had put his condo on the market and I signed my first lease for my first apartment. #BigGirlThings. Halloween party at work and at Hilary’s.

November: Got credentials to the AFI Fest, got to go to the LACMA Art and Film Gala cocktail reception and it was amazing. Moved into my apartment and was just super pumped to have a vacation. We celebrated our first Thanksgiving without my mom. Leslie made the turkey and I made the mashed potato. It was an emotional night and we three watched a movie after dinner. #Tradition.

December: Sometimes you realize it’s time to move on and that the biggest fear that you had in life isn’t as scary as you imagined it to be. Cuba was amazing and then we flew to Mexico to celebrate my mom’s birthday with her family. Christmas was very mellow. It was the first year in many that I didn’t receive my annual perfume my mom would always give me. We made a promise to always stick together. I was surprised to come home and find the house completely decorated. Dad had done a great job.

I’m not sure what the next year holds for me. The good, the bad, I’ll take it in knowing that I just need to make my mom proud. And be the best version of myself that I need to be. ❤

I wonder what new adventures, heartaches and challenges 2016 will bring.

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