Trendy Tuesday: You Better Work

Trendy Tuesday: You Better Work

Due to technical difficulties, WordPress and my comp deleting my draft of the Hart of Dixie recap I had, I wound up just posting a fashion piece. Being that I just got a new position as a writer/reporter I’m hoping to still have time to write on La Vida Liz as it’s my baby and first love!

But my inspiration for this Work Attire post came from being a newly hired individual. There comes a time when you need to dress professional and pick a style to stick with. Obviously there’s a difference of style and casualness at every company. I would say for bigger and important meetings and events, the “Victoria Beckham” fitted elegant dress is always a go! Add some black pointed high heels and you’re all set. Minimal jewelry, maybe some earrings or a bracelet and a great watch to show you’re on time and ready to take on the day.

So be posh, trendy or simply neat, do your thang! And make it look great!

Fashion Friday: Party Please

Party Please

Black crop shirt
$97 –

Alexon cropped jacket
$30 –

Lanvin black flared mini skirt
$2,525 –

Kurt Geiger nude patent pumps
$400 –

Monogram jewelry

Why not throw on something a bit more elegant tonight and have yourself some fun? Fashion Friday gives you a chance to be someone else for the day, grab your girls, guy or all of the above and have a grand ol’ time playing dress up in a classy way!

A full skirt, fitted top and crop blazer work wonders with a statement necklace and pointed toe heels. Everyone will be wanting to say ‘Party Please’!