Winding Down On Wednesday: The Big Bear Diaries

Random videos of you and your friend’s adventures are always great memories. While you’re stuck at the office, at a desk, at home, at school, anywhere really, and your mind wanders off about great times you’ve had with your buds. That’s exactly what The Big Bear Diaries is all about!

A fun adventure I had with four of my closest friends, Brittney, Ashley, Brianna and Cassie,  as we head off to Big Bear for the weekend to celebrate my bestie’s Cassie’s birthday back in February. It isn’t the best quality, but me and my little iPhone created the video above. Oh boy did we have a great time!

Watch the video and watch it all the way. Some highlights and background story are:

We stayed in a house the 5 of us, wooo no parents, no rules.

We embarked on some walking where Cassie takes a mini fireball shot along for the ride.

We like bars, and we like people who sing karaoke- especially if it’s a guy that goes by the name of Jose Spears who apparently ALWAYS sings B.Spears “Drive Me Crazy”.

We make friends. we just can’t help it, they come to us.

Brianna has a way with getting free food, and not just any kind of food, lobster to be exact. Bougie!

Now enjoy this heart warming video and hope that it inspires you to just make random videos of you and your friends to relive memories!

Happy Hump Day!

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