The Vampire Diaries Recap: “Dead Man on Campus”


Gotta love The Vampire Diaries and this week’s episode was one to love. Can’t remember what happened last week? Recap the episode HERE to get caught up!

Remember how Dr. Maxfield turned Jesse into a vampire? Well Jesse’s back in this week’s “Dead Man on Campus” and first thing he does is bite the hand that made him.

Bonnie now back from the dead, but the anchor to life and death, is enjoying college and ready for a rager that Elena and Caroline are throwing for her. First day though could be a tough one as she sees the spirit of someone who is ready to pass on to the other world, which means passing through her and pain.

Back at the Salvatore Estate, Stefan is dealing with his personal pains and thoughts he can’t escape. Trying to avoid everyone and not talk about his problems, Katherine persuades him to chit chat with her drunken self. He even gets to meet her daughter Nadia who happened to put a traveler in Matt and now needs her to remove him and find out what he wants. Turns out Gregger wanted to kill Katherine and Silas, good thing Katherine has the dagger that will kill Gregger, which she does and now Matt is free.

Now that Jesse is a vampire he calls Caroline to help him after he bites his roommate, little do we know that his roomie is Aaron who’s legal guardian is Dr. Maxfield. Worried and confused be confides in Caroline and Elena and in the process they teach him how to control himself and cure Aaron. Now it’s party time for all of them back at the dorm room!

Damon arrives at college and wastes no time interrogating Dr. M. and find out all his secrets, of course Damon does it in his own special way by injecting him with flesh eating bacteria and rabies. Dr. Maxfield’s plan was to make a new type of vampire that wouldn’t be a harm to humans, ones that would feed on something else, something like themselves, vampires! With a call from Elena, death is not in Dr. Maxfield’s future, for now.

As the party continues, Bonnie gets to talk to the dying witch about being the anchor and feeling pain. Jeremy arrives and Jesse is loving the feeling of being a vampire with heightened senses until he bites Caroline and he gets worried and leaves. Aaron seems to be having fun, jello shots and all he tells Elena that his parents were killed when he was younger by a supposed bear but turns out it was a vampire. Aaron doesn’t know this but Elena figures it out when he mentions bite marks on his parent’s neck.

After having run away from the party, Jesse goes to Dr. M. to yell at him and ask why he turned him into a vampire and why he so desperately wants to feed on Caroline. Shocked but amazed, Dr. Maxfield tells him that he would feed on other monsters. Damon with an open bite unknowingly tempts Jesse’s hunger and Jesse lunges towards Damon. Telling Jesse that he is older and stronger, Dr. Maxfield tells him that necessarily isn’t the case with Jesse. As the two battle it out and he almost tears Damon’s head off prompting Elena to kill Jesse and Caroline to tell Elena, “The Elena I used to know would have given him a chance.” Ouch!

Katherine on the verge of suicide, leaves a note for her daughter apologizing for killing her boyfriend and that she is running from her problems. As she jumps from the tower it’s finally over for Katherine, wahoo…until Stefan gets there in time and catches her…booo! He then tells her to suck it up.

Just as things are getting steamy between Bonnie and Jeremy, Jesse’s spirit appears and Bonnie being the anchor has to let him go through her to die. As he passes, Bonnie screams and Jeremy finds out what the consequences of bringing Bonnie back to life are. But they too soon get back to getting steamy again. Caroline apologizes to Elena about her comment but tells her that her relationship with Damon is more dangerous than the real world.

Back to Dr. Maxfield’s lab where Damon is at searching through his contents. He discovers something about himself and Dr. Maxfield’s experiments. Flashbacks come to Damon as he remembers his “number” from that was given to him and the name Augustine prompts a nerve in him. Dr. Maxfield escapes, sprays gas vervain and knocks out Damon, scene ends with Damon locked up and confused. Augustine is sure to make an appearance next episode, could be be worse than Silas?

Check back next week!

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