New Music: Roy English “XO”

Excuse my lack of Music Monday post yesterday, I was still celebrating the last day of my birthday weekend and I’m glad I waited because late last night a beautiful gem of a song appeared on my twitter feed.

“XO” by Roy English is a cover from Beyoncé‘s new album but from the sounds of it you would think it was a whole new track. Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover it! It’s light, dreamy, soothing and most of all out of this world. Now some might know Roy English from his former days on Eye Alaska, now transitioning to his own solo project he’s back and better than ever. I can clearly say that there is nothing I haven’t heard from him that I do not instantly love. His old soul, lost boy, artistic style is beyond this generation and transcends the current pop, over produced music we constantly hear. His raw voice and sound is like magic, it amazes you and yet you can’t believe it’s true but for a minute you just stand there and think about the beauty of it all. Yeah, yeah, I’m being overdramatic but have you heard this? Or any of his other stuff?

Take a listen and get back to me after you’ve had it on repeated all day like I have.

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