Music Monday: “Cool Kids” – Echosmith

So I find it interesting, maybe not to you guys, but on my way driving to work I like to listen to the talk shows. No music please.

That’s my time to listen to what Ryan Seacrest, Valentine or Carson Daly have to tell me and catch up on any new entertainment news, basically prez for work.

So when I return back to my car and head back home after sitting all day writing about all the latest news in Hollywood I change things up and like to listen to music.

Please no top 40 though.

I decide to listen to alternative, indie music or 90’s jams. Believe me I love “Happy” and Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty,” but if I listen to “Dark Horse” one more time I might as well rip out my radio.

So anyway, today I heard a new song that had me very excited. The artist is Echosmith and the song is “Cool Kids.”

I apologize for the lack of research on them but basically I dig this jam!

It’s edgy, it’s simple, it’s mellow yet catchy.

Tell me what you think, send me music suggestions, make me a mix CD, basically give me new tunes.

Enjoy “Cool Kids” on this fine Monday night and countdown the days until the weekend with me.

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