“The Vampire Diaries” recap: “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”

The Vampire Diaries

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Let chit chat about “The Vampire Diares” episode 5 “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here.”

If you haven’t caught up from last week or don’t remember all that happened, recap last episode, “Black Hole Sun,” HERE.

From what we can shortly recap is that Ivy is now a vampire and Stefan wakes up because his phone is ringing and gets a call from the coach who says that he still has Enzo in his possession and is torturing him. Once he hangs up he hears Ivy in the kitchen and sees her with blood in her mouth and she starts to tell him that she killed his boss. She is a sassy little one and says that she can’t control her emotions and even references “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” 😉 She gets all rallied up and goes after Stefan but he snaps her neck.


We then arrive at Caroline’s dorm with Stefan and Ivy in a trunk. He is asking her to take care of Ivy in the meantime and of course Caroline gives in. Next we see Alarec is teaching and we find out that it is Homecoming, does this mean another party? But he goes on and tells a tale of Homecoming and that the morale of the story is to never fall in love with your brother’s girl and looks at Elena who is in his class and asks if he wants to have her compulsion removed and she says no. After class Elena asks Liam to the Corn Maze and it’s a date!

Bonnie & Damon are in the woods and it seems like D is in a better mood and they don’t want to deal with Kai anymore but he is a psychopath. They are ready to use the next eclipse to go back to the real world and Damon says that nothing and none will get in the way of them going back. Kai tells him to dig the hole that they need to help them with the spell.


Back with Caroline and Ivy she is telling Caroline to unwind and admit that she likes Stefan and to go out and have some fun. What we didn’t expect was to have Ivy all of a sudden snap Caroline’s neck and go party. Speaking of party, the homecoming celebrations have begun and Elena and her date are ready to go into the corn maze. Caroline by then has woken up and is calling Stefan who has not picked up to warn him that his newbie vamp is on the loose and that it will be his fault if something happens. We see Stefan with Alarec who is asking him if he can compel Ivy to forget about him and start a new life. Alarec is not very happy with Stef and says he won’t help him, he’s obviously upset that Stefan has forgotten all about him bro and makes him leave. Then we see Ivy grab and snatch a human and eat him, but then she tries to compel him to forget and she doesn’t know how to do it. So now we have a human on the loose who has been bitten and is not compelled.

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Back in the other world Bonnie is threatening Kai and he tries to take her powers but he can’t and she says that he doesn’t know the spell and they don’t need him, thus launching the shovel into his chest and killing him.

Elena and her date, Liam, are having a good time but they are talking about old lovers and then keep on having a good time. Then we see Alarec join the festivities and sees Doctor Jo. and they realize that they were set up by Elena and go grab a drink together thanks to Alarec’s flask.


Then we see Tyler driving his truck but swerves because he sees the guy that Ivy attacked running like crazy and he runs him overs. Tyler loses control of his truck and ends up crashing into the corn maze. Many people are wounded and we know that if anyone dies, Tyler will become a wolf again. Elena tries to help a student by giving her her blood and compelling her. Then Tyler calls Elena and tells her that he needs help and that the guy can’t die. But she tells him that he injured a lot of people and that she will try to find Alarec to help her. Then we see Alarec and he’s a new vampire so he sometimes has a hard time with blood and the doctor lady is helping.

Stefan finally comes back to Caroline who tells him where the hell has he been and he tells her that he was leaving. She is so angry that he is not the same Stefan and that before she wanted Damon to come back so she could get her friend back but now all she wants it to see him leave. As he gets in his car Caroline gets a call from Ivy who tells her that she has done something awful.

Back with D&B they are trying to get out and Bonnie realized that Kai only need a Bennet witch to be able to go home and she opens up the little tricot portal and it looks like things might work out for them.

Tyler is freaking out and then Liv, the witch, comes and he tells her what happened and hopes that he is not dead. Then we see the Dr. Jo and Alarec taking care of a student who is badly injured and then is a lot of blood. Suddenly Elena comes up and she is on the phone with Tyler and Liv and Dr. Jo is asking them questions about the status of the kid that Tyler ran over. She comes to the conclusion that it is only a matter of time before he is dead and now Tyler’s life will change forever…again.


Bonnie and Damon are getting ready to do the spell and they have a somewhat nice moment as they are almost getting ready to go home but all of a sudden Kai comes back and has sent an arrow through Bonnie’s chest. He then tells Damon to grab the trinket or the next one goes in her chest. But Damon goes over to Bonnie, gives her blood to heal her, Kai grabs the trinket but then Damon rushes over to him and then there is a fight.

Meanwhile with Tyler and Liv he is still freaking out and then Liv kills the guy so that it is not Tyler’s fault. Back with the others Elena and Liam are trying to save a girl and he successfully does. When it’s time to go and the police have showed up Liam sees the girl that Elena said she would help and gave her blood to and he looks at her confused because she was badly injured and now she seems fine.

Damon and Bonnie are fighting with Kai and B says she’s not going to make it but Damon is. So she send Damon back and the trinket breaks. Will Bonnie be back?!

Alarec & Dr. Jo are back at the hospital and he is checking up on her. She tells him that she is attracted to him and he tells her that she is amazing and brilliant and sexy but…ugh Alarec then compels her to make her think he is boring and that she is not attracted to him. Boooo!!! But wait! She is immune to his compulsion and kisses him and leaves. What happened?!

Finally we go back to Ivy who is waiting for Caroline and she seems a truck coming. It ends up being Tripp and he tries to talk to Ivy and then she tells him that she is ok but he sees the blood on her and she goes to attack but he stabs her with a couple stakes and gets her into his truck while we see Caroline watching from afar.


Liam is trying to ask Elena about the girl who should’ve been dead and she talks her way out of it and kisses him. Tyler goes to Liv to see if she is ok with the fact that she ended up killing someone. He tells her that the kid was going to die anyway and that she saved Tyler and he is super grateful for what she did. Stefan on the other hand, who the heck knows what is happening with that guy. He walks into a place and is talking out loud to a crypt filled with his dead family and we notice how truly broken he is. He says that he is not doing so well without him and he tries to start over but can’t get anywhere because he is lost. 😦 He goes to throw his bottle and then Damon catches it!!! HE IS BACK!!!! Stefan is so confused and Damon tells him that he is not dead and he tells him that he is back. Stefan reaches out to him and hugs him like no other! He really is back!!!!

But what happens to Bonnie now?

Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week.

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