‘Divorce’ Episode 2 Recap: ‘Next Day’ Still Ain’t Looking So Good


First things first: Thomas Haden Church is the best part of the episode. His delivery, his tone and just the way he’s sarcastic without over doing it, is what makes him my favorite on the show.

Anyway, I’m going to try a new way to recap, just short bullet points to catch you up on what you missed. Yeah? Ok, cool!

RECAP Episode 1 HERE: ‘Divorce’ Recap: ‘Pilot’ – Sarah Jessica Parker’s Big Return to TV

Let’s get started!


1. Frances, still locked out of her house, goes home the next day to try and talk some sense into Robert. It doesn’t work. They have some back and forth banter and he ends up leaving a suitcase and a grocery bag full of bras for her on the porch, and her purse in the garbage.

2. Frances finds a space for her art gallery that is perfect, but with her current situation doesn’t think she should get it.

3. She visits Diane at the hospital, where Robert shows up to see his friend Nick who is in a medically induced coma. The couple start going at it and Diane finds out that Frances slept with Julian (something she gets upsets about because no one told her).


4. Tasked to take care of Diane’s dog, she takes it to go pick up the kids at school. Robert also shows up and the kids get confused as to why both parents are there. They then get really excited when they see the dog and she plays it off as if she got it for them. Robert later tells her she used the dog as a way to get them to like her more.

5. Once they get home, they try and talk things out but Robert tells her he’s still telling the kids about the divorce. The episode ends with Robert Googling Julian.

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