Livin La Vida: Liz Takes Cuba [PHOTOS]


Cuba = Amazing! What an experience!

I had the opportunity to go to Cuba from December 4 to the 8 and it was overall an extraordinary trip that I took with Garrett.

We decided to go there after I told him that I wanted to take a relaxing vacation after many months of hard work. I had also seen a couple people I knew post incredible photos from there.

We booked our trip and flew out of Tijuana, with a stop in Mexico City, before we left to Havana. In TJ we had to get a tourist visa, which was about $30, and when we got to Mexico City we had to get another one for like $15. In Cuba they didn’t stamp our passports just the visa and on our way back home our boarding pass. We took cash and exchanged all we had once we got to the Havana airport (since you can’t use ATMs anywhere or take out money.)

Day 1:

We arrived by taxi to a beautiful plaza where a nice gentleman led us to our hotel. We walked through cobblestone streets and saw how alive the city was. We saw people dancing on the streets with a live band inside a restaurant called Café Paris. Once we checked into Hotel Marques de Prado, also known as Hotel Florida, we walked out and grabbed dinner in the plaza near where we got dropped off.

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