Thanksgiving Inspired Dresses: Thankful

Thanksgiving Inspired Dresses: Thankful

Mixed print dress
$1,390 –

Madewell dress

Skater dress
$23 –

Orange tree
$97 –

Fashion Friday: Now!


Pieces black shirt
$23 –

Madewell jacket

Levi’s levi shorts

H M ring
$4.68 –

Gathering Eye bracelet ring
$14 –

See through umbrella
$21 –

Nars cosmetic

Fashion Friday is here and with a casual cool look to get you through the day!

Take a Break!

Take a Break!

It’s the middle of the week and what better day to take a breather and just have some time to yourself. If you’re busy at the office, listen to some music, grab a cup of coffee or tea, look up great posts on your phone, or let your creative side come out with some writing.

You can do it!

Happy Wednesday.