“Livin’ La Vida” – William Callan (Part II)

Welcome back to Part II of “Livin’ La Vida William Callan“. Get all your inside scoop on this up and coming photographer who will leave his mark in fashion photography. In case you missed it last week we caught up with William Callan, small town photographer with big dreams and aspirations. Refresh your memory with Part I, HERE!


It’s a big world out there and with many people wanting to pursue a career in photography there must be some negativity when it comes to pursuing your dreams. Even family can sometimes throw around comments that bring you down. William knows all about this,

“It definitely happens. Most of my family on the east coast urged me to get a “normal” job because they were worried about the money side of it. I just ignored them and kept on doing me. I think that it’s really important to have a firm grasp on who you are and what you want. Regardless of what someone says I’ll still want to take photos. It’s the only way I know how to function and be myself.”


Let’s turn that positivity now into Williams next step! What does he want to take pictures of next?

“Celebrities. I’ve been working with the modeling agencies out here in LA for quite a while and would like to transition into shooting more celebrities.”

But of course everyone has to have a dream job, what would William’s be? None other than shooting for the “Art of Fashion” for Niemen Marcus. Now that sounds like a dream well on it’s way to becoming true! One way that William has gathered his inspiration is by traveling and getting to know the world. After traveling in Paris and other parts of Europe he would love to do some more soul searching.

“Paris and Europe were great and taught me a lot, but I would love to travel more around America. I’ve always wanted to do a cross-country road trip and experience the diversity the US has to offer.”

All that traveling could lead to a new location to shoot at. But don’t worry he already has his dream place in mind. The Gesner House in Malibu. He says he would be honored to just be able to visit!

Now every artist has a quote or a line that he or she lives by and gets strength to keep doing what they do. For William it’s a quote by Mara Wilson.

“If I were really, really ridiculously wealthy, I wouldn’t buy a mansion, just tiny apartments in every city I love.”

Sounds like the perfect life, a little bit of you in every city that you adore and be able to visit when ever you need a getaway. As for Will he just celebrated his birthday a couple weeks ago and is already pursuing new ventures and photo shoots. He’s keeping his schedule busy and won’t stop until he reaches his goals. One more thing William himself wanted us to leave off with was a little reminder…

“Have fun and keep smiling.”

Make sure to visit WilliamCallan.com for more great shots and come back next week for another “Livin’ La Vida” feature.

All photographs by William Callan.