Outdoors Glory

Outdoors Glory

Hammocks swing

Metal outdoor bench

Racine carré
$34 – madeindesign.co.uk

Secret Garden
$32 – serenataflowers.com

Fujifilm X100S Digital Camera
$1,605 – amazon.co.uk

Wednesday gives us that hope that we can survive. Wednesday brings only 2 more days until the weekend and Wednesday is my favorite day to unwind. Today make sure you spend some time outdoors. The sun shining down on your dome with make you happier at home!

Bon Wednesday 🙂

Unwinding on Wednesday: Happy Place

Happy Place

Wednesday is my special day to take a small break and imagine a place where serenity and tranquility are my safe haven. Imagine a cool ocean breeze, comfy canopy with a plethora of angel soft pillows, a good book, music and a notebook to right down your thought.

While we’re only 2.5 days away from the weekend, take a break and be thankful for what you have today.

Unwinding on Wednesday.