The Originals Recap: “Fruit of The Poisoned Tree”


Elijah is back!

Who could forget last week’s episode full of Davina, Elijah and crazy witches going after Hayley! To freshen up on the previous episode click HERE.


Now the siblings are back together and the little growing family is doing well. Hayley and Elijah are just to die for and their chemistry is off the charts.

Craziness arises when Sophie gets bewitched by strange intruders. But of course it’s none other than Agnes who injects Sophie with some strange substance and thus the side effects of The Needle of Sorrows will kill the unborn child.

Now that Elijah is in charge, his first move is to remove the link between Sophie and Hayley. He goes to Davina, who he had offered to help teach her how to control her powers, with a unchaining spell and the knot that was linking the two women. Her challenge, to undo the knot and then Elijah will be back with another spell of her choosing.


Cami is back in this episode and she goes visit her uncle, Father Kieran. Cami is feeling lost and uneasy, she is worried about how she now has no feelings for her dead brother’s actions and the words Murderer on his grave. Father Kieran says maybe this is for the best.

Marcel, confused and wondering if there is anyone in this old town that he can trust, goes and sets his only confidant Thierry free who was stoned up to rot for breaking his number one rule. As conversation starts to flow between the two, it turns out that Thierry might have a better grasp of what Klaus is trying to do and states that he might have some vamps compelled for his use.

Klaus on the hunt for Agnes, goes to Father Kieran to find out where she is. To give him a boost to help him out, Klaus tells Father Kieran that Agnes was the witch that cursed his nephew Sean to go mad. Of course this adds fuel to the Father’s fire and lo and behold we have Agnes in the hands of Klaus.

As Hayley starts feeling the side effects of the Needle, Sophie, Rebekah and Elijah do their best to try and slow down the symptoms with a remedy Sophie conjured. As things start to get worse for Hayley, Davina successfully undoes the rope that was linking Sophie and Hayley and the baby is safe and sound. Sophie, aware that now she has no hold on The Originals pleads to Elijah to not have Klaus kills Agnes. Elijah gives her his word and we know that Elijah’s word is worth gold.


Rebekah wanting to be free from all the troubles that her brothers always run into tells Elijah that she is leaving. An emotional stop as Elijah tells her to stay but reminds her she is already free. As she embarks on her goodbyes she makes a stop at Marcel’s to give her farewell. Funny how farewells turn into hot vampire sex and some hope of happiness for Rebekah. Wrong move though for Rebekah, as she hands Marcel an apple from the plantation they are staying at, she asks him to leave with her. Reluctant to leave his empire, the two get in a tiff. As she walks away Marcel puts two and two together and realizes what he’s been wanting to find out. Where The Originals are staying.

Can you say, Elijah is a bad ass! Showing us that there is still some evil in his blood he does keep his word of not having Klaus kill Agnes, but he never said anything about him doing the deed. With a snap of a neck, Agnes is dead by the hands of Elijah as he coolly walks away saying, “No one hurts my family, no one. ”

Things turn ugly when Marcel spots vampire Josh at The Originals’ home and knocks on the door to find Hayley. As Klaus goes to Cami to tell her the truth about her brother she takes it the wrong way and pretty much tells Klaus that he will pay for messing with her. As he heads out he runs into Marcel who tells him that he tried and stop by his home and not the Palace Royale.

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

As Elijah returns back home, Hayley is no where to be found, he gives Rebekah a call to see if she is with her. Just then Klaus walks in and informs Elijah that Marcel has been there.

Goodness gracious where does it end!? Now that Hayley is in Marcel’s possession things will definitely get intense next week!

How did you survive this week’s episode? Can’t get enough Originals?

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