The Originals Mid-Season Finale Recap: “Reigning Pain in New Orleans”


While it might have been a couple weeks since The Originals mid season finale, I just barely had time to catch up and watch it on Up until now this new hit show has been my #1 go to and it keeps me wanting more.

If you’ve been like me and haven’t been caught up on all the great stories, dramas and fights going on recap the previous episode, “The River in Reverse”  HERE!

To make it short and sweet Klaus had left his brother and sister and had taken over Marcel’s territory claiming it as his own. He’s feeling betrayed by Elijah and Rebekah and took Hayley with him so as to not have anyone take his unborn child.

Now that Klaus reigns over New Orleans he is ready to let the blood flow. As he hosts a dinner and gives a speech about the vamp community and that his next step as leader is to kill all the werewolves. We flashback to Marcel and Rebekah discussing loyalty and staying alive. Then Elijah and Rebekah decide to rescue Hayley but she says no, she is fine but her family and people are in danger. Klaus on the other hand is still using Cami as his right hand scribe and now Marcel knows all about it. Little does he know that Cami has been leaving notes all around her apartment to remember why she keeps forgetting things after Klaus compels her.


Klaus as the new commander has a meeting with the “humans” about the rules and regulations in the town, not one to follow the rules he tells them his personal terms and to better watch it with the rudeness. While the vamps are scavenging for werewolves Elijah and Rebekah decide to let them know that they should leave. As the vamps leave the campgrounds Elijah senses a wolf, Eve is her name and she tells them that the wolves know how to protect themselves and they can’t be found unless they want to be found. The only problem is that the newbie wolves don’t know the best hiding spots, that’s where Elijah and Rebekah’s help come in hand. As they go to another campground they let the vampires know that they are serious, do NOT harm the werewolves…or else.

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The Originals Recap: “Bloodletting”


Welcome back to my favorite recap of the week!  Previously on The Originals, Davina performed a spell to untie Sophie and Hayley, Rebekah was going to leave New Orleans then did it with Marcel and then Marcel discovered where The Originals are staying and took Hayley! Full recap can be read HERE.

Well well well look who’s back in town and taken Hayley for hostage! As Klaus and Elijah interrupt Marcel’s festivities to track down baby mama, we discover that she is not in his possession. It seems like none other than Tyler has gotten hold of dear Hayles and taken her to a distant place where Tyler tells her that her birthmark is a sign of werewolf royalty.


Testing his way through hybrid experimentation, Tyler uses Hayley’s blood to turn a lone wolf into a hybrid. To our surprise and his, it works! Tyler has his hands full as he wants to destroy the baby so that Klaus can’t produce more hybrids and take over. As Tyler’s new hybrid wakes up, Hayley instructs him to keep Tyler away from her and he does, making us think that perhaps the new hybrid will listen to it’s maker, the baby.


Hayley escapes Tyler and runs into Elijah! While Tyler encounters Klaus. The two angry hybrids have at it while Hayley tells Elijah that she can take care of herself. As Tyler stands up to Klaus by calling him a failure, hand in heart, Klaus realizes that all Tyler wants is death and to rest in peace. He lets Tyler go and tells him he doesn’t deserve peace and to go on living as nothing.

Rebekah on the other hand goes to Marcel thinking he took Hayley, he explains that he didn’t and the two have a talk about Rebekah leaving Klaus and standing up to him. Talks of killing Klaus come up but Rebekah stands away from it. Klaus can’t be killed and trying so will result in death.


Elijah now on team Hayley stands up to Klaus about how Klaus is wanting to have this baby to rule and make an army. Angry at the thought that no one in his family trusts him he does what Klaus usually does, throws a fit.

Then it’s like, “oh no he didn’t”! Frustrated and hurt Klaus attacks Elijah and bites him. Knowing that a bite from a hybrid will be deadly, though being that Elijah is an original he won’t die, but still how rude!

Davina had her share of happiness when Marcel takes Josh, the vampire compelled to listen to Klaus, to have his memory wiped. After interacting with Davina, Josh and her have a nice talk and they grow to be friends. But Marcel has instructed Davina to make him forget about her. Josh tells her that he will keep her a secret and that it was nice to talk to someone normal, as in a normal superhuman witch with a gay,club going vampire. The sure make good besties though!


And I never thought I’d dislike Tyler as much as I do now! The episode ends with Tyler in front of Marcel telling him all about Hayley, the baby and how Klaus can start his own army of hybrids and the potential end of the vampire species. Goodness gracious where does it all end! Leave the baby alone!

Every week they just leave us hanging and wanting more! Can’t wait for what’s to come for Tyler and will Caroline be coming back to kick T’s booty?

What are your thoughts on “Bloodletting”?

The Originals Recap: “Fruit of The Poisoned Tree”


Elijah is back!

Who could forget last week’s episode full of Davina, Elijah and crazy witches going after Hayley! To freshen up on the previous episode click HERE.


Now the siblings are back together and the little growing family is doing well. Hayley and Elijah are just to die for and their chemistry is off the charts.

Craziness arises when Sophie gets bewitched by strange intruders. But of course it’s none other than Agnes who injects Sophie with some strange substance and thus the side effects of The Needle of Sorrows will kill the unborn child.

Now that Elijah is in charge, his first move is to remove the link between Sophie and Hayley. He goes to Davina, who he had offered to help teach her how to control her powers, with a unchaining spell and the knot that was linking the two women. Her challenge, to undo the knot and then Elijah will be back with another spell of her choosing.


Cami is back in this episode and she goes visit her uncle, Father Kieran. Cami is feeling lost and uneasy, she is worried about how she now has no feelings for her dead brother’s actions and the words Murderer on his grave. Father Kieran says maybe this is for the best.

Marcel, confused and wondering if there is anyone in this old town that he can trust, goes and sets his only confidant Thierry free who was stoned up to rot for breaking his number one rule. As conversation starts to flow between the two, it turns out that Thierry might have a better grasp of what Klaus is trying to do and states that he might have some vamps compelled for his use.

Klaus on the hunt for Agnes, goes to Father Kieran to find out where she is. To give him a boost to help him out, Klaus tells Father Kieran that Agnes was the witch that cursed his nephew Sean to go mad. Of course this adds fuel to the Father’s fire and lo and behold we have Agnes in the hands of Klaus.

As Hayley starts feeling the side effects of the Needle, Sophie, Rebekah and Elijah do their best to try and slow down the symptoms with a remedy Sophie conjured. As things start to get worse for Hayley, Davina successfully undoes the rope that was linking Sophie and Hayley and the baby is safe and sound. Sophie, aware that now she has no hold on The Originals pleads to Elijah to not have Klaus kills Agnes. Elijah gives her his word and we know that Elijah’s word is worth gold.


Rebekah wanting to be free from all the troubles that her brothers always run into tells Elijah that she is leaving. An emotional stop as Elijah tells her to stay but reminds her she is already free. As she embarks on her goodbyes she makes a stop at Marcel’s to give her farewell. Funny how farewells turn into hot vampire sex and some hope of happiness for Rebekah. Wrong move though for Rebekah, as she hands Marcel an apple from the plantation they are staying at, she asks him to leave with her. Reluctant to leave his empire, the two get in a tiff. As she walks away Marcel puts two and two together and realizes what he’s been wanting to find out. Where The Originals are staying.

Can you say, Elijah is a bad ass! Showing us that there is still some evil in his blood he does keep his word of not having Klaus kill Agnes, but he never said anything about him doing the deed. With a snap of a neck, Agnes is dead by the hands of Elijah as he coolly walks away saying, “No one hurts my family, no one. ”

Things turn ugly when Marcel spots vampire Josh at The Originals’ home and knocks on the door to find Hayley. As Klaus goes to Cami to tell her the truth about her brother she takes it the wrong way and pretty much tells Klaus that he will pay for messing with her. As he heads out he runs into Marcel who tells him that he tried and stop by his home and not the Palace Royale.

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

As Elijah returns back home, Hayley is no where to be found, he gives Rebekah a call to see if she is with her. Just then Klaus walks in and informs Elijah that Marcel has been there.

Goodness gracious where does it end!? Now that Hayley is in Marcel’s possession things will definitely get intense next week!

How did you survive this week’s episode? Can’t get enough Originals?

The Originals Recap: “Girl in New Orleans”


Need some dirt on your newest obsession?

With only four episodes in, The CW’s The Originals is already making fans fall off their seats with anticipation of what is to come.

Last week’s episode was a whirlwind of emotions. Klaus and Rebeka began plans to take down Marcel, or win back his trust. So much action and drama emerged with Marcel and his best confidant Thierry who happened to be in love with a witch named Katie, yes the same one that had been tipping off witch and ware wolf activity. Theirry ended up breaking the number one rule Marcel had of killing another vampire and is sentenced to imprisonment only to be interrupted by Katie who tries to kill Marcel for punishing Thierry. With a great scene of spells and witchcraft Katie’s fate falls to death by Klaus.

Things got spicy with Marcel and his new love interest Cami as she realized what temper he had, and my heart skipped a beat when a spark emerged between Klaus and Cami. Klaus even closer to getting what he wants, got Marcel to give back Elijah as a thank you for saving his life.


*Spoilers ahead

Now in last night’s episode Klaus begins his own agenda of getting Davina and rescuing Elijah. Snooping and secret plotting begins as the Dauphine Street Music Festival festivities begin and Davina is itching to be out and about.

Klaus compels Cami to watch over Davina while she gets the green light from Marcel to join the party. As the story continues we discover that Davina has a little secret of her own as she is fascinated with an old crush, Tim,  who she meets up with. But what little Davina doesn’t know is that Klaus will use Tim to his advantage and make a deal with Davina. Things get heated up when Klaus plays mind games with her about why Marcel would have her all locked up, while if she went with Klaus, he could offer her freedom.


Dearest Rebekah on the other hand, finds her way  to the secret hiding spot that holds Elijah and quarters Davina, by way of a priest, though to our surprise even the priest in this town keep a secret of his own. Not one to be compelled because of vervain, he goes forth to tell Marcel of Rebekah’s discovery. On the bright side she does find dear Elijah who informs her, hallucinatory version of him I may add, that he is safe and has his own plot on bringing Davina to the Originals side.

Let’s not forget about momma-to-be,  while Hayley is getting a check up, witch Agnes has a plan of her own to terminate baby wolfpire -yeah my own name I came up with. With many out to get Hayles, Rebekah comes to her aid only to be shot with an arrow and when she awakes Hayley is nowhere to be found. Scared to think that she lost her and the baby, she calls Klaus for help. In the end Hayley finds her way back safely but with many injuries that heal quickly due to her hybrid baby.

The plot drives forward as we discover that Cami’s twin brother committed murder and suicide at the church where he was an alter server. Cami distressed with her new found information has thoughts of it being an accident and a possible compulsion from a vampire. After Klaus compels her to forget about it, we start to wonder if he had anything to do with it?

Just as things start to get real good, I’m on the edge of my seat, Elijah has resurrected from his sleep!

This plot driven show is incredible! Every minute of watching it makes you never want it to end. Next week brings us a great story involving Davina and Elijah as well as Klaus getting more info from Marcel.

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