Throwing it Back: Celebuzz Goes Behind the Scenes at Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing!


Thursdays take us back to my old stomping grounds. This week two years ago I attended the Radio Disney Next Big Thing and aside from meeting my current lover boy, I talked with some great Disney stars and the winner.

Take a read below or find it published HERE!


If you’ve been keeping up with Season Four of Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing, you know a very lucky 13-year-old is this season’s winner!

Celebuzz got a chance to attend the Finale Concert this week, where we chatted with pop sensation Cody Simpson, the cast of Disney’s new show Jessie starring Debby Ryan, N.B.T. artists Hollywood Ending, and of course the Next Big Thing herself!

After 10 weeks of fans voting, seeing and listening to their favorite artists on Radio Disney and Disney Channel, the final two contestants, 14-year-old triple threat Zack Montana and 13-year-old singer/songwriter Shealeigh performed in Los Angeles for their anxious fans.

Before Shealeigh was announced as the winner, Celebuzz talked to Cody — who was set to perform later that night and had mentored the artists from the beginning. When we asked him to give us his thoughts and some advice for the finalist, he told us:

“Shealeigh and Zack really deserve everything that’s happening to them. It’s important for them to know that even if one of them doesn’t win, it’s important pick yourself back up and to stay positive. Even a lot of the biggest stars in the world weren’t the ones that won it first. It’s the ones that stayed at it and I wish [the best of] luck to both of them and all of the artist in the competition.”

Many supporters (and Disney stars) such as Shake It Up beauties Bella Thorne and Zendaya, the cast of A.N.T. Farm and Kickin’ It, Madison Pettis and even beloved reality stars Kylie and Kendall Jenner huddled around enthusiastically at the event. When the big announcement came, the crowd erupted in applause.
It was a very intense and thrilling moment it was for Shealeigh, who told us her feelings after the show:

“It feels absolutely incredible and I am so grateful for everybody that voted to get me to this point — not only to get me to this point, but to win! I’m just so excited and this is just so amazing. The experience was so amazing and unreal and I’ve had the best time. I’m just so happy to get to be at this point and be surrounded by all these amazing people. And Zack Montana is so talented and it was great to be by him in the final two. It’s so exciting!”

We couldn’t be any more excited for Shealeigh as her new journey to stardom continues! Congrats!

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