Trendsetting Tuesday: Splurge or Steal – Jimmy Choo


What if you could splurge on everything you wanted and feel no regrets? We know there’s more to life than material possessions and believe me we all aren’t movie stars with a wad load of cash. But if you do happen to stumble across a certain something that you can’t stop thinking about, there are always alternatives.

Let’s look at your options!

Jimmy Choo came out with an exceptionally glamorous Tia heel, bedazzled and bejeweled, this heel is on point! Black, pointed toe and a gold heel this would be a must-have but with a selling price of over $4,000, we need to reevaluate our wants. That’s when I stumbled across the site Make Me Chic and found the Liliana Rubik-3 (featured on the right) for a whopping $49.

While it might not be your dream Jimmy Choo shoe, it’s better than nothing and still quite cute and affordable to splurge on for any upcoming festive event. We’re not made of money but if this Steal shoe from has you falling in love like it has me, you can find it HERE.

Have any Splurge vs. Steal ideas? Comment below!

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