Throwing It Back: Fashion Week Edition #LAFW


Hello La Vida-ers! Welcome to the first Thursday of February so in celebration of New York Fashion Week I’ll take you back to when I covered a smaller Los Angeles Fashion Weekend back in 2012.

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This past Friday LA Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios kicked off in Hollywood, where Celebuzz got an exclusive seat to all of the weekend’s designers as they showed off their hottest new collections. Opening night brought us LA-based designer Anthony Franco’s SS12 presentation where he told us about his past trip to Mexico that inspired his line,

“As soon as we landed there was a sunset and we saw the orange and pink sky meet up with the beautiful blue ocean and at that point I knew my collection was going to have those color pallets. I sort of fused the two between the men’s collection and the women’s.”

The weekend’s lineup continued with shows from the ever creative and fierce Betsey Johnson, Karen Capili, Kelly Nishimoto, Dina Bar-El and Beach Rays. Some of the top buys, industry elite and stylist were among the invitees as well as some of today’s most recognized celebs.

Jack Black was one of the first stars to come out on opening night, along with True Blood star, Tara Buck, Glee’s favorite teacher Matthew Morrison who came out to support his model girlfriend, who walked in the shows all weekend, Angela Simmons sat front row for the Betsey Johnson show, as well Grey’s Anatomy  star Sarah Ramirez,  among others.

The three day celebration consisted of five shows mixed with astonishing formal gowns for all types of celebrations, flowy light-toned beachy wear, cut out party dresses, black, grey and white patterned dresses, body hugging evening wear, fun and flirty sleepwear and of course the fierce girly looks from Betsey Johnson.

Livin’ La Vida: Janelle Blanford – Lights, Camera, Action!


Every once in a while we meet someone who is great on the inside as they are on the outside. There is no doubt that model Janelle Blanford is an American Sweetheart.

In this week’s “Livin’ La Vida” segment we meet a Southern California model who reaches for the stars and shines just as bright as them.

Meet Janelle, raised by her mom with her three sisters she says that they were and are still extremely close. Growing up in a household of all girls must be super fun but don’t take it from me, Janelle gives me more inside scoop on her childhood,


“They [my mom and sisters] are my best friends. My sisters and I would make up dance routines nightly and perform them for anyone willing to watch. At the age of 10, I tried out for a dance team and continued on as captain until I was 16. I’ve always been a performer. I like creating but most of all I love the outcome of whatever I am working on. I put myself fully into my projects and I’m inspired by the people closest to me, my family and friends.”

So how did modeling come into her life?

“I was scouted by Ford Models when I was still in high school. I hadn’t ever really thought about being a model before. I was at a Teen Vogue fashion show on the beach and I was watching Jesse McCartney perform when I was approached. I was kind of blowing her off and was annoyed that she was interrupting me watching Jesse.”

Oh we know NOBODY messes with us and JMac! How awesome though, it was as if it were meant to be. Janelle’s a pro by now with plenty of features and ads, the leading lady in The Summer Set‘s music video and not to mention you can spot her daily on‘s website. But of course there must be something more that she would like to accomplish?


“I realized that I got really comfortable with my job. It was all coming too easy. I didn’t really have to think about what I was doing. So I recently signed with a theatrical agent and I’m going to pursue more of the acting side of things. But I’d love to continue with modeling. [Hopefully projects that are] bigger and more challenging. I’ve had billboards in Vegas, Texas and New York but I want one here in Los Angeles. I wanna see it in person. And I want tears in my favorite magazines. I want to continue to be proud of the work I’ve done and I want to push myself.”

Pushing oneself is always the hardest, with challenges left and right, there must be some sort of motivational quote or speech she gives herself and of course it comes from none other than her mom. The quote?


“‘How bad do you want it?’ I apply that to everything in my life. If you want something bad enough you’ll find a way to make it happen. Always.”

There’s no stopping this girl in her quest for the top. Every artist and creative mind has a list of people, places and things that they want to work with, be in or see. Janelle has a grand list of her own. Here she tells me,

“I got to shoot with John Russo for my Pantene shoot. He’s a photographer I’ve admired for years. It was actually really intimidating. I’d love to work for clients such as Levi’s and The Gap. I love how simple and clean their ads are. And one day I’m going to walk in the VS fashion show… Even if it’s only for PINK!”


Well, how bad do you want it J? I’m sure she’ll get there in no time! This gorgeous brunette is setting her bar high and we’ll be on the lookout for her billboards all across LA one day. Come back next week for another installment of “Livin’ La Vida – Janelle Blanford“, where we’ll find out her daily must-haves, how she preps for a shoot and upcoming projects and make sure to follow Janelle on all her social media sites as she makes her dreams come true!

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xoxo Liz Cal!

All photos courtesy of Janelle Blanford

Throwing it Back: Celebuzz Goes Behind the Scenes at Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing!


Thursdays take us back to my old stomping grounds. This week two years ago I attended the Radio Disney Next Big Thing and aside from meeting my current lover boy, I talked with some great Disney stars and the winner.

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If you’ve been keeping up with Season Four of Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing, you know a very lucky 13-year-old is this season’s winner!

Celebuzz got a chance to attend the Finale Concert this week, where we chatted with pop sensation Cody Simpson, the cast of Disney’s new show Jessie starring Debby Ryan, N.B.T. artists Hollywood Ending, and of course the Next Big Thing herself!

After 10 weeks of fans voting, seeing and listening to their favorite artists on Radio Disney and Disney Channel, the final two contestants, 14-year-old triple threat Zack Montana and 13-year-old singer/songwriter Shealeigh performed in Los Angeles for their anxious fans.

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Backstreet Boys: Always Ready To Dance

What a whirlwind of emotions the past couple of weeks have been for me. La Vida Liz is definitely loca and now I am in some serious relaxing time. On this late Sunday night, I’d like to take a moment to remember September 4th. The “In A World Like This” Backstreet Boys concert in Los Angeles at the Gibson Amphitheater.

They showcased their best and beloved singles, had beautiful harmonies and busted out those favorite dance moves that made us fall in love with them.

Join me in reminiscing a great show and one of their most famous and greatest dance routine.

90’s Grunge Shoot with Lex.Dorethy

photo 3Look out world I’m becoming a model….hahaha just kidding.

But when two of my close friends Jessica and Diane the dynamic duo of Lex.Dorethy asked me to be a part of their fun shoot I couldn’t oblige. With a 90’s girly grunge theme enhanced with dark makeup, plaid, leather jackets and a fun set who couldn’t have a grand time?!

photo 4We ventured over to the Old LA abandoned Zoo near Griffith Park and had a blast with wardrobe and laughing at ourselves as we tried to model. The serious grunge faces made us giggle non-stop, we had to change in an old abandoned shack and  it burning up as we tried not to sweat off our makeup.

We had three wardrobe changes starting off with a girly look with a floral print dress and plaid shirt and flower crowns hand made by Lex.Dorethy themselves. Next look added distressed shorts, band and comic tee with booties. The last look would be the image above, a long soft colored maxi skirt and a black cut out cropped top.

It was so refreshing to just spend a creative day with friends. Jessica has been working on a great video that I will post soon to show you all! It’s still strange to see me in pictures and a constantly laugh at them but I remember the good time it was taking them and I can’t wait to brainstorm another one.


All styling and makeup was done by Jessica, Diane and myself!

Below are just snapshots from the day.