Throwing It Back: THIS Is Why J.Lo Needs To Make An ‘AI’ Comeback

J.Lo Should Come Back To AI

Throwback Thursday to why Jennifer Lopez should have returned to American Idol…looks like she knew what was good for her since she’s returned for the new season with Harry Connick Jr. and returning judge Keith Urban. Check out the published article HERE at Celebuzz.


Jennifer Lopez is making her return to American Idol, ladies and gents.
Rumors have been swirling that current AI judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj could be getting the axe, as producers are concocting a plan to get J.Lo back to the judges table.

But first things first. Lopez is set to make an appearance, but only as a performer… for now. The sexy songstress is set to strut her stuff on one of the two-part finale episodes May 15 and 16, according to E!.

While nothing is set in stone on a more permanent return to the hit FOX reality show, a source told E! that “there will definitely be changes to the judging panel for next season.”

Whether the rumors are true or not regarding Carey and Minaj getting the boot, we decided to remind you all of how J.Lo made her mark on reality TV.

Here are 5 reasons why we can’t get enough of this Jenny from the block.

1. Fashion Star

The girl earned some MAJOR style points during her two-season tenure. Those tuning in every week got more than just a reality show when Lopez’s curves (and those abs!) took center stage. You can’t argue — J.Lo makes 43 look good.

2. Her Laugh Makes Us Smile

We just can’t get that epic and memorable giggle out of our heads! Here, have a listen for yourself:

3. She’s Got The Best Facial Expressions

Britney Spears and Minaj have some stiff competition. Whether it was an awkward audition, a kooky contestant or just rockin’ out to a beat, Lopez’s expressions got our attention… in a good way.

4. Her Heart Of Gold

She may be an actress, but those aren’t fake tears! Lopez wasn’t afraid to show her softer side when she broke down from the pressure of having to give the inevitable bad news to the contestants. Her vulnerability and sincerity proved that the mommy mogul was there for more than just her reported $20M paycheck.

5. Shaking Her Most Famous Asset

It wouldn’t have been a singing competition if the contestants didn’t get a taste of how to do it like the pros. Every once in a while J.Lo brought her A-game and treated the crowd and millions at home to her hits “On The Floor” and “Dance Again” — and brought down the house with a steamy performance with her then-hubby Marc Anthony.

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