The Originals Mid-Season Finale Recap: “Reigning Pain in New Orleans”


While it might have been a couple weeks since The Originals mid season finale, I just barely had time to catch up and watch it on Up until now this new hit show has been my #1 go to and it keeps me wanting more.

If you’ve been like me and haven’t been caught up on all the great stories, dramas and fights going on recap the previous episode, “The River in Reverse”  HERE!

To make it short and sweet Klaus had left his brother and sister and had taken over Marcel’s territory claiming it as his own. He’s feeling betrayed by Elijah and Rebekah and took Hayley with him so as to not have anyone take his unborn child.

Now that Klaus reigns over New Orleans he is ready to let the blood flow. As he hosts a dinner and gives a speech about the vamp community and that his next step as leader is to kill all the werewolves. We flashback to Marcel and Rebekah discussing loyalty and staying alive. Then Elijah and Rebekah decide to rescue Hayley but she says no, she is fine but her family and people are in danger. Klaus on the other hand is still using Cami as his right hand scribe and now Marcel knows all about it. Little does he know that Cami has been leaving notes all around her apartment to remember why she keeps forgetting things after Klaus compels her.


Klaus as the new commander has a meeting with the “humans” about the rules and regulations in the town, not one to follow the rules he tells them his personal terms and to better watch it with the rudeness. While the vamps are scavenging for werewolves Elijah and Rebekah decide to let them know that they should leave. As the vamps leave the campgrounds Elijah senses a wolf, Eve is her name and she tells them that the wolves know how to protect themselves and they can’t be found unless they want to be found. The only problem is that the newbie wolves don’t know the best hiding spots, that’s where Elijah and Rebekah’s help come in hand. As they go to another campground they let the vampires know that they are serious, do NOT harm the werewolves…or else.

When Klaus and Marcel are hanging out they get attacked by the humans. Marcel angered by losing his friends, tells Klaus to cool it and they decide to massacre the humans in charge for what they’ve done. As so they do. Lesson learned? Now Davina is going to be moving to Klaus’ new home, Marcel thought it was dangerous but then Klaus told him about Davina’s secret plan with Elijah. While Davina is moving in Hayley confronts her and tells her that if she’s so powerful why does she have to be hidden? She then tells Davina that the witch Agnes is dead and Davina says that if that is true she is safe, being that Agnes was the last living elder. Josh the vampire is in hiding from Klaus but as Davina’s bestie she won’t let anything happen to him. As she gets confirmation from Josh that Agnes is dead she gets that Marcel is using her and that she needs to get out of there.

Now there is something mysterious about this new clan of werewolves that have come to town. Elijah, being so dreamy and handsome and charming and charismatic…um oh yeah what was I talking about? Oh yeah the special wolves, one carried a special ring with history, a very interesting history. Turns out that particular clan is related to Klaus and could be the lineage to Klaus’ father and family. Klaus says he’s had enough of family in his  life and leaves them.

Can I say how much I die for Elijah and Hayley? It’s like, “Can you kiss already?, Can you be together?” In the end we have Elijah, noble Elijah tells Klaus that he is sorry, sorry that he thought he had alternative motives with the birth of his child. While it is not easy for Elijah to say that he is wrong, Klaus recognizes this and for a moment we have perfect peace. Klaus has already asked Father Kieran to protect the new werewolves which makes us think there is a soft side inside Klaus. But this moment with Klaus and Elijah is just perfection. As Klaus departs he tells him that he and Rebekah are welcome to come and live with him, he says, “It is after all our family home”.

As we come to a conclusion of the mid-season finale we see dear Cami getting ready to leave and start a new life. But Davina comes to her apartment and Cami has no idea who she is. Davina tells her she’s been compelled and that the next step she is going to do will hurt her. The episode ends with Davina bringing back all of Cami’s forgotten thoughts and memories.

The Originals return Tuesday, January 14 on the CW.

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