The Originals Recap: “Dance Back From The Grave”

Celeste is back and ready to ignite her powers on New Orleans. Forgot how she got back and what happened with Davina? Refresh your memory HERE!

We start off with witches in the graveyard and a flashback memory of a gathering long ago in 1919, where the witches gathered to discuss the new evils that have arrived in New Orleans. A man in a white crisp suit, warns the citizens and tells them all that he will keep them safe if they accept his family into their coven and him as their leader since he holds new darker powers.

Elijah and Klaus looking dapper in their 20’s outfits show us their dealings with the humans of the city of New Orleans and how they got the chance to rule it. Then the new wizard, the man in the crisp white suit, Papa Tunde, shows up and bargains the witches safety while the Originals try and take over. He leaves them with a parting gift which is the mayor’s head.

Back to current time, Marcel is still torn from Davina’s death and Klaus sets Theirry free. Klaus’ next plan is to rouse up the witches but Marcel is still sulking. Rebekah and Elijah walk the city and she tells him about how she is sick of being controlled by Klaus and his tricks. Elijah believes that Klaus is approaching some sense of peace and if she doesn’t support him to please not provoke him.

Marcel and Klaus duke it out but get interrupted by Diego showing them two dead vampires with witch marks all over them. Marcel warns the other vamps that that is some messed up mojo and to stay away from it. Rebekah and Thierry stumble upon  witches work in an abandoned warehouse, Bekah questions why it would be there but thinks it was left out in the open on purpose. Then all of a sudden the man in the crisp white suit from the earlier flashbacks appears, Rebekah says that it is impossible. He tells her it is magic that brought him back and then reaches out to get, says some spells while choking her and then has a very sharp knife and stabs it through her forehead!

Marcel, Klaus, Diego, and Their Friends in The Originals Season 1, Episode 12: “Dance Back From the Grave”

Now back at the house, Klaus and the vampires unite. Klaus asks who will fight for their home and none stand up. Angered, Klaus walks out. But look who walks in, to the bar to be exact, Marcel goes out to the bar where he sees Cami and informs her that he needs Sophie and that Davina is dead. As the two discuss loyalties to Klaus he tells her a story from long ago. There’s Marcel in uniform, getting back to New Orleans and reuniting with dear Klaus. Klaus tells him all about the new man in town and then he arrives to the party that is being thrown. Marcel back then wondered why Klaus would invite and befriend this new man if he was going to destroy him. Klaus was always good at befriending people, finding their weaknesses and then killing them. Cami calls Klaus a monster and says that Davina was just a girl who couldn’t control her power, not like how Klaus controls his power.

Elijah walks into Hayley’s room who is looking through Davina’s drawings of Celeste and wonders why she drew them. She’s feeling lonely and hurt that Elijah has been avoiding her since he wants to be a good big brother and is busy.

Rebekah, now paralyzed and frozen white from the witchcraft lies still in the warehouse. Celeste shows up and asks Tunde if it’s complete. He tells her that Klaus will wish he were dead after they get through with him. Klaus calls up Marcel and then runs into more witch markings on a wall and Sophie. Elijah calls Rebekah but is not answering the call. Worried, he looks to Theirry to find out where she is. He puts up a minor fight until Elijah threatens him and he tells him and Hayley that Rebekah was killed by a man in the warehouse.

Back to Marcel’s story, he continues to tell Cami how Papa Tunde kept killing people, ware wolves, other witches and disturbing the peace. Now a meeting between Klaus and Tunde brings up some terrible actions. Klaus finds out that the power he possesses comes from his twin sons, but what would happen if those sons died? Marcel then walks in with a box, inside contain the heads of the two boys. He tells Klaus that he will die for this, Klaus reminds him that he cannot die and punctures his eyes and kills him…or so we thought. Cami frightened by the story tells Marcel to stop following Klaus, but look who comes crawling into the bar, none other than Papa Tunde. Marcel warns Cami to run while Papa Tunde grabs Marcel and almost sucks the life out of him until Cami throws a bottle at his head but is then thrown, she gets up and calls Klaus.

Klaus is with Sophie who is telling him about the spells, they are old witchcraft used to gather more power. Elijah finds Rebekah and sees how she is being held for power but he can’t get to her because of a strong force field. He calls up Sophie who says that there are many ways, difficult ways to break it but then Elijah says, what about witches’ blood? He turns to Hayley who’s baby is a quarter witch and that’s enough to rescue Rebekah. Marcel is in the hands of Papa Tunde when Klaus shows up. But Tunde is stronger and Klaus is almost a goner when Elijah breaks the force field and Tunde loses his power which is enough for Klaus to kick him off. Cami is worried about Marcel and Klaus tells her he is weak and needs blood, to grab someone off the street. She says no, that she can help but Klaus tells her she can’t get involved. Of course Cami hates it when Klaus tells her what to do so she goes to Marcel and he drinks from her.

Now that Rebekah is free she goes to Theirry and tells him that he is a betrayer and he tells her that at the end of the day it’s every man for himself. All of a sudden Elijah breaks Thierry’s neck and tells Rebekah that she needs to stop plotting against Klaus, they are a family and that sacrifices need to be made, but then Rebekah throws the fact that Elijah loves Hayley and he is a hypocrite who would chose love over family. She runs off and is met by Marcel. We flashback to 1919 again and it’s Marcel and Rebekah discussing Tunde. It turns out that Marcel was the one that brought Tunde to New Orleans to get rid of Klaus so that he and Rebekah could be together. He thought that bringing Tunde would scare off Klaus and bring him down from his throne. He tells her that he would do whatever it takes to be with her. Then Rebekah tells him that the only man that Klaus ever feared was his father, if they get a witch to help them, Klaus would run. So does this mean that it all started with Rebekah tearing down her family and being the cause the made Klaus lose him empire? Oh my!

Hayley is still curious about the Celeste drawings, she then hears commotion outside and sees a huge gathering of people in the courtyard. Elijah looks up to see Hayley and it is just so beautiful because they are clearly in love. It seems that Klaus had reunited all the vamps to tell them that they are cowards, that they either fight with him or leave. As they stir among themselves, Thierry comes forward and tells him that they don’t own him anything. He turns, looks at Diego and one by one the vampires leave, but surprisingly many stayed. Marcel even tells him that he was surprised more didn’t leave. So the next step of business involves finding out why Tunde is back. Who took all the power? The one who took all the power resurrected the other witches and he/she needs the power by sacrificing many. Sophie tells Marcel and Klaus that the person will go to where vampires would sacrifice themselves. He heads down to the basement to see all the vamps dead and the witchcraft image on the wall. Now Celeste and Papa Tunde are discussing the fact that the blade now hold an immense amount of power, that it would do terrible things to an Original. Only one thing remains, one last sacrifice to finish it all. This is when Tunde has the “honor” of being the last sacrifice. Celeste cuts his throat and now she is the holder of a scary amount of power.

Eek! What’s to come of Klaus next week? Is he going to be safe or betrayed by his family? Will Caroline be in New Orleans anytime soon? Come back the following Wednesday to read up on how things turn out!

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