Trendsetting Tuesday: Splurge vs. Steal



Trendsetting Tuesday brings about something that captured my attention a while back. When is it right to splurge on an item and when is it better to just get it for a cheaper price? A couple months ago I did a Splurge vs. Steal feature with a pair of Jimmy Choo bejeweled heels to see when it’s a good time to splurge or go for the steal.

Now I stumbled across Valentino studded flats and replica’s on another website. So regularly the Valentino Rockstud Patent Ballerina Flats T.05 are approximately $845. They are gorgeous, patent leather, with gold studs, pointed-toe and available in a variety of colors. They are perfection! But with a price tags like that, it’ll break my bank.

The alternative, Dollhouse Stunner studded flats for around $25-28! The difference, aside from the designer name, they are suede, not as pointy and they have a gold lining on the back of the heel. Of course there might be other differences but hey, they can’t always be exact.

So, what would you do? Splurge or Steal, or none of the above?

One thought on “Trendsetting Tuesday: Splurge vs. Steal

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