Trendsetting Tuesday: Valentino Paris Fashion Week SS15

Welcome to Trendsetting Tuesday where this week we will take it back to Paris Fashion Week SS15 and see the outstanding couture collections of one of my favorite designers, Valentino.

For a while now I have been a Valentino enthusiast, enthralled and enamored by the delicate details and textures. I admire the colors, the fabrics, the looks and the quality of Italian exquisiteness.

Let’s take a look at a handful of dresses that caught my eyes.

Without a doubt all white looks have captured my attention this season! I die for anything white, flowy and especially intricate and delicate like these looks.

Keep reading for more awesome looks.

Pretty much anything that was white was a must-have. I loved the detail of the cutout! To be honest it kind of reminded me of those paper snowflakes I would make in elementary school. Nonetheless, these dresses and the powder blue are perfection.

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And finally we take a ride on the dark side and gaze over these 3 black and navy looks brought to us by the house of Valentino. They are beyond elegant and so sliming and fitting. To be able to wear one of these dresses would be an honor.

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Tell me, which is your favorite?

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