Trendsetting Tuesday: Wrap Skort

Hey all La Vida Lovers!

white skAfter a much extended short break I am back with Trendsetting Tuesday! *crowd goes wild…in my head*

Anyway what’s new on the trendsetting list this week you ask? Wrap skorts! Yup you read that right, but look at them how stylish and chic! I first discovered these babies on Instagram with a brand called Hello Parry. I gushed over the black, white and red ones they would post on their site. The way it symmetrically crosses in the front shielding the fact that under there are shorts.

Personally the white one is my favorite. I go crazy imagining the ensembles I could create with it. And very soon I will. While they can get pricey, wanna know a secret of mine? I looked up the wrap skort on Ebay and recently purchased my own for only $10!

Ebay is always a risk with the fact that it is international, final sale and you won’t know how it’ll fit. But for $10 why not take the risk?

Pair the wrap skort with a simple tee and let it speak for itself, add a leather jacket like the one on the left to give it an edge. Any blouse will accentuate the skort. Once it’s paired with a colorful blazer it will set you up to have a perfect date night. You can always add a crop top sneakers and dress it down to hang with the girls.¬† They come in a plethora of colors from royal blue, red and navy to the basic black and white. All I can say is I can’t wait to get mine and style it in a trendy as eff way!

Happy shopping!