Trendsetting Tuesday: Wide Brim Hat

20131203-110426.jpgBest way to cover up a messy mane, add some flare to your wardrobe or just stand out- wide brim hats!

Trending all over the fashion nation, hats have never been more in style. Back in the 70’s wide-brimmed hats were all the rage, now decades later they’ve emerged to perfect any outfit. The great thing about these hats is the way they instantly pump up any outfit from day to night.

There are so many ways to pair a wide-brimmed hat, just admire the images below.  Pair it with black trousers, a chiffon button-up blouse, outlandish statement jacket for a high fashion look. Tone it down with skinny jeans, a clean and crisp white shirt, you can add some edge with a mini skirt and leather jacket, or be date ready with a LBD and heels. 20131203-110435.jpg

They come in many colors and sizes, you can be as subtle as you want or as dramatic. Let the world know you’re ready to make a statement or just hide a bad hair day. You can snatch one for as little as $16 from Forever21 to as high as $400 from Bloomingdales. Find your right color and size and say hello to all your new admirers.

Don’t be shy, go wide or go home!

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Throwing it Back: FNL – Transitioning to Fall

Last year I had the great opportunity to showcase my writing and contribute to Fashion News Live. As a lover of all things style, wardrobe and glam it was an honor to lend my thoughts to such a great site.

Now that the weather is getting colder I’d thought I would “throw it back” and give some sweater weather examples. Check out the article HERE and below!

Whether you’re already starting to feel the fall chill or waiting for some sort of cool down like us Californians, there’s plenty of sweater inspired outfits that I’m ready to start wearing.

Layering in Southern California is pretty minimal compared to the snowy parts of the rest of the world but that’s no excuse for us not to get in on the sweater fun! I’m here to give you some fashionable and simple outfit ideas that can give you a head start into the new season.

Starting off with a classic combo, a simple horizontal over-sized sweater can be paired with some liquid leggings to give it a more edgy look. A nice round wool scarf in a neutral color doesn’t make the outfit look over the top. Pair it with some tan thick heeled booties and there’s an outfit for day and night.

The second outfit might be for those who are still having some sunshine in their life. A pair of bright colored shorts with a black and white sweater can be the perfect everyday fit. As the nights get cooler, adding some black knee high socks can be the finishing touch.

My other favorite pairing would be a maxi skirt and a sweater. The sparkles woven into this sweater are not too much as they are on a neutral surface and contrast with the dark bottoms. Adding a simple long necklace can play up the outfit and keep you from looking frumpy.

Not super into accessories? That’s ok because detailed collars are all the rage right now. Get a simple oversized sweater and pair it with a collared shirt. Your specific choice on the detailing of the collar can make your whole outfit. Like the one shown below! I decided to keep the attention on the sequined collar by pairing it with black skinny jeans and boots.

Earth toned tribal prints can scream fall! The thicker material on the dress below keeps you warmer. Dress? Yes, short body hugging dresses can be worn in the colder seasons by adding thick tights and scarfs. I’m a big fan of just folding some of the material  under and wearing it as a shirt. Layering a nice jean shirt or coat can help you create  new outfit ideas without needing to go out and purchase new clothes.

Now that you’ve seen some of my fall inspired outfits, what are your must have fall choices?

Trendsetting Tuesday: Army Jackets


At ease ladies! Winter is coming and we need to gather essentials, starting with the military jacket.

armyjacketWhile this basic olive green cover-up started hitting stores last winter, this time around they come equipped with a little more dazzle. Leather sleeves, shoulder spikes, patches and more have given new life to this jacket. My favorite comes with drawstrings around the waist to add some body shape to my figure and a hood. I found my favorite on EBay for a whopping $27. Easily accessible they can be seen from thrift stores to designer made.

Seen on every catwalk this season, dress them up, dress them down, but just put one on! Outfit ideas, let’s discuss: army jackets

Leather pants, beige tank, tan platforms and jacket a must. Jean shorts, black crop top, knee high socks with booties and jacket; LBD, strappy nude wedges, bedazzled military jacket and BAM! So many different ways to pair it.

Find the right one for your taste and add this casually cool jacket into your Fall wardrobe. Neutral earth tones look best with it, but don’t be afraid to add other colors to stand out such as burgundy,  royal blue and even bright sunshine yellow!

Are you a lover or a fighter for this trend?

army jack

‘Wedding’ We Go From Here?

'Wedding' We Go From Here?

Skater dress
$23 –

Plein Sud blazer
$460 –

I’ll be attending a close friends’ wedding tomorrow and thought about what I would wear. Some tips for a great wedding outfit would be to wear something comfortable, cute and fun!
A cocktail dress is perfect as it folds out and isn’t too over the top like a tight party dress would be. Simple heels are a must if you go for a colorful dress. Add a statement necklace to bring the party to your outfit. Minimize the rest of your look with a small bracelet or a couple of rings. It is still very hot in Southern California so i would advise to wear your hair up for an out door wedding. A stylish up-do works wonders with strapless dresses as does a sleek ponytail.
Always remember that a small clutch is essential to store necessary items and don’t bulk it up with tons of unnecessary clutter. Remember to have fun and enjoy the party!

Trendsetting Tuesday: Wrap Skort

Hey all La Vida Lovers!

white skAfter a much extended short break I am back with Trendsetting Tuesday! *crowd goes wild…in my head*

Anyway what’s new on the trendsetting list this week you ask? Wrap skorts! Yup you read that right, but look at them how stylish and chic! I first discovered these babies on Instagram with a brand called Hello Parry. I gushed over the black, white and red ones they would post on their site. The way it symmetrically crosses in the front shielding the fact that under there are shorts.

Personally the white one is my favorite. I go crazy imagining the ensembles I could create with it. And very soon I will. While they can get pricey, wanna know a secret of mine? I looked up the wrap skort on Ebay and recently purchased my own for only $10!

Ebay is always a risk with the fact that it is international, final sale and you won’t know how it’ll fit. But for $10 why not take the risk?

Pair the wrap skort with a simple tee and let it speak for itself, add a leather jacket like the one on the left to give it an edge. Any blouse will accentuate the skort. Once it’s paired with a colorful blazer it will set you up to have a perfect date night. You can always add a crop top sneakers and dress it down to hang with the girls.  They come in a plethora of colors from royal blue, red and navy to the basic black and white. All I can say is I can’t wait to get mine and style it in a trendy as eff way!

Happy shopping!

Fashion Friday: Summer Sizzle

Summer Sizzle

Hervé Léger bandeau top
$450 –

Hervé Léger neon orange swimsuit
$430 –

H M hat
$12 –

Miu Miu acetate glasses
Can we all agree that it is ridiculously hot?! Even as I sit here I can’t stop thinking about finding a pool or someone getting me an icy!
But there’s still some time to soak up the rays before school starts. Throw a fabulous pool party and dress up with a cut out one piece and heels. Floppy hats a must! Over sized sunnies to channel your inner J.Lo and grab a drink or two and get ready to party.

Bedroom Essentials

Bed Essesntials

Speck pink laptop case

Iron home decor

Heart shaped mirror
$110 –

6 light

Mikasa flower vase

Ferm LIVING throw pillow
$72 –

Tea set
Want a trendier looking room? I place to relax, kick back and feel like you’re in your own princess palace?
Here I offer some great essentials and ideas to transform your bedroom in a place of pleasure. Stacked up vintage suitcases, which you can find at any thrift store, adds an elegant touch to your room. Looking at them makes you wonder where your next adventure will take you. A girly mirror like the heart shaped one above is sweet. I’ve seen a vintage looking one at IKEA at a reasonable price. Some fresh flowers brighten  up the room and smell, a stack of fashion magazines to get creative and gather ideas are always a must and the right accessories hung up on a bulletin board like necklaces takes your decorating skills to the next level.
Do you like? Tell me what you’ve done to your room to make it your own!